Day 79: Alex’s Full Apology Letter To Cee-C In Details

Alex's Apology Letter To Cee-C

Today in the afternoon, Alex read out a powerful letter of apology letter she wrote for Cee-C during the night.

This comes after weeks of tension between the two strong personalities that seems to be the result of Alex and Tobi’s close friendship.

Things came to a head this Sunday when Cee-C told Ebuka that Alex throws herself at all the men in the House.

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Below is Alex’s powerful apology letter to Cee-C:


Yes we have our differences. I know we can’t be the best of friends, but do you think God is happy with us and what’s going on? I’m not saying you are wrong or that I’m wrong, or that we are both right. It doesn’t have to be this way. We don’t have to end the friendship we had this way. I’m sorry if I hurt you. I accept all you told me.

It’s okay if you don’t want to talk to me anymore. It’s okay if you decide to go with however you see me. But for me, it won’t be a good thing to leave this House angry at you, or anyone else. We’ve been around for each other in times of need and that is something to value.

I hereby put whatever issues we’ve had, in the past. It’s a game. We all came here to win. And as the last five, we’re all winners. Even if you don’t believe me, most times when I think of you, I still have reasons to smile, before my anger. I’m not apologetic for who I am.

The Bible says there is no need praying when you are keeping malice. I’m writing this with tears in my eyes because it’s from my heart. We don’t try to understand each other and it’s fine. Regardless, deep down, I still have love for you.

I don’t even know if I’m making sense, but I’m deeply sorry for every single bad thing I’ve said to you in this House. It breaks my heart to see you alon,e even though I try to act all strong and straight with you. I still have a heart.

I’m not writing this so we’ll talk again. I’m just saying it doesn’t have to end this way. Tobi, or any guy is not enough to build a wall between us. My immaturity is my fault and I accept it.

In the name of God, I’m tired of these shenanigans. I didn’t mean for it to get this bad. Let’s forgive and forget whatever it is. We all came to win. Whoever wins at this point, it is fine by me. I don’t want to leave this House mad at you or the other way round.

Cee-C, I give up on this fight. Forgive and forget. I am sorry. I’m not apologizing because I am weak. I’m apologizing because I love you and I’m not the type to keep so much dislike in my heart – and I just hope you accept me for who I am.

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5 Responses

  1. South Africa says:

    Thank you Alex!!! That was nice of you

  2. Anonymous says:

    if you can apologize like this in the house, you are a true value of a winner, i hope your words are true and its who you are. wish u lucky come Sunday.

  3. Anonymous says:

    yho, Im sure you watched the scene where she told Tobi she is not sorry! I would like yo opinion on that! I still am confused as to what goes in the minds of these hhs when they do these things. Its unbelievable!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm.Am touched by these words.God bless you Alex,we all are watching,for you do this,it shows you have a good heart and from a good family where only love exist,where people fights and hugs each other later.Goodluck in your future endavours.yes,theres life after bigbrothers house and thank God you know that. God bless you Alex.

  5. Lerato Msimanga says:

    what a heart touching letter ,thank you ALEX for letting it out of your will now have a peace of mind . i am so proud of you girl.