Day 67: It’s 4 Against 2 As TBoss Is Called Selfish For Hiding Things Meant For The Entire House Use

Big Brother Naija 2017 Day 67: Housemates Say TBoss Is Selfish For Hiding Things Meant For The Entire House Use

It seems it’s not enough to simply campaign for votes. The two camps are now throwing one another under the bus!

Since Biggie gave the Housemates the greenlight to conspire there’s been all manner of shade being thrown back and forth. On the one hand, we have Bally, Bisola, Efe and Marvis or “the fantastic four” as they’ve affectionately been named by their fans.

Then on the other we have BFFs Debie-Rise and TBoss. Both sides are pulling all the stops to make sure they survive Eviction this Sunday and their latest tactic is gossip.

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“The clique” have made it a point to state that Debie-Rise and TBoss are manipulative and love to play the victims as if they do no wrong. TBoss and Debie however, think the other four are rude bullies who have excluded them and tried to get rid of them since day one.

Almost every conversation by both camps has hinged on these Narratives and interestingly, it’s always followed by a campaign for Votes. The pattern has played out so many times now that it’s clear they’re are throwing each other under the bus to “tarnish” their competitors rep and scew the votes in their favour.

Yes, that’s right. Everyone is guilty of mud slinging and this morning “The fantastic four” came for TBoss once again but singing a different tune. They called selfish and noted how she hoarded things that were meant to be for the entire House use. “She put am for cupboard!” Efe said of TBoss hiding hair food that was meant for communal use.

Bally accused her of doing the same thing with the nail polish remover pocketing one of the two bottles and leaving the rest of the House to share.the other. Bisola then chimed in and called her wasteful before scoffing at the fact that she called herself exposed but did all sorts of uncultured things.

All fair in love and war however. TBoss and Debie-Rise have taken their fair share of jabs at “the clique” especially Efe whom they practically called foolish for seeking out a relationship with Marvis. Do you think an Evicition in either camp will put an end to all the gossiping? Are you hating or loving it? Let us know below.

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14 Responses

  1. Ugigi says:

    It is all big brother's doings. This twist on scarcity and conspiracy is coming rather late. For once, I would have love to see the likes of Gifty, Kemen and Uriel in this circumstance.
    On a lighter note, I can understand Efe looking for food, Bisola still bashing, but what is Bally doing with nail polish removal. I hope say this guy no be gay.

  2. Dante says:

    I see 4 stupid plp in d house, last time I checked there z gonna be just one winner but now we have one prostitute, a dull graduate, a lesbian and an aboki who doesn't flush toilet forming clique. Na friendship una come form for house. If Bisola z not a vampire and she sees her reflection in d mirror, she will not only stop gossiping abt Tboss but worship her every day. both in character n appearance. OBJ's look alike oshi

  3. baby says:

    Who named dem fantasticfour? Dat person must b dreamin! DEMONIC4!

  4. omosexy says:

    My old granny calls d gathering of those 4 'ipade Awon eleye'!! Gatherin of d witches and wizards!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Baby you can swear yoo and you can curse sooo the devil is laughing at you, i imagine your wrinkle in your face with anger, do you know this people? You are a moron seriously your bitter.mostly people vomit bitterness with their mouth facialy they are ugly smart people know this is a game,that's why they don't take it personal. according to me you don't have life bbn is your entertainer. Get life lucifer.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Dante, who is the prostitute, dull graduate,lesbian and Aboki? its so obvious that you are not just dumb, your stupidity has crowned your lack of exposure. Its just a GAME. Stop taking it personal before you kill yourself over 25 million that you wont touch or may Never touch. Ode you are insulting someone's appearance like u can create them. we are not even sure if you manage fine, even if u fine,how has that helped you. Has your appearance put small change in your pocket? mumu

    • Dante says:

      does these words mean anything to you…. Eat shit n die " you shld try it. a mother of one sleeping with two men in d house na exposure d thunder wey won fire u still de gather electrolyte from nuclear plan in China. Define exposure. Man man sweet look,to born as pikin na hin we nor want. throw ur mum in dere to show us exposure biko. apkamu

  7. Anonymous says:

    This baby has no life at all what is she saying abt the Granny TBOss who cried on international TV for a young kid to be her boyfriend only..Mnxm… I said it, they will be doing nothing but cursing and doing all sorts of things when she leaves Sunday…all they do is talk and insult whilst we focus on doing …you can tell when a person has an unhappy life and this baby and Dante belong to that group! let them b people…

    why is she hiding things being the Queen have it all as her fans call her..If it was one of the 4, they would b giving stupid reasons..Lets just admit that TBOSS fans are just of touch with reality and TRUTH..its a SHAME!!They are just desperate assholes!

  8. Samuel Ononwiya says:

    one sentence. this is a show

  9. osadjere misan says:

    Pls it's a game ooo, don't insult Pple and don't kill efe

  10. Anonymous says:

    Tboss is a manipulative, Selfish, spoilt brat who vacumed Debbie Rise into her web. She reminds me of the black widow spider that after mating, devours her male mate…she will do exactly that to Debbie Rise should she win the money. She rides on the backs of her fellow housemates by ducking and diving when it comes to team work , acts it out by raving of how hard the task was and is first in tow to claim the rewards. "Big Brother, I hope she is transparent to you, because her fans will vote for her pretty face-period! Bisola is a strong woman, has courage and a caring nature! She definitely deservers to win after using this platform to entertain a wide range of Audience-Bisola is intelligent and captivating! Even when she's not acting and only being herself. She will surely utilize the money wisely.

  11. Anonymous says:

    LOL its team efe whois insulting???? I thought its Team TBOSS who r SUICIDAL….team Efe is in a very happy place…they are achieving all their goals!! MUMU=IDIOT

    • Ugigi says:

      Lol @Anonymous 4.48, Your comment has confirmed the team that is insulting. unfortunately, Osadjere is member of Team Efe, and her comment I think was fair.
      Now apologise to her quickly if you are not arrogant.
      That said, I hope Tboss and Efe fans will reconcile by the time someone else wins the money.

  12. Ann Blessing says:

    Jesus Christ, well Efe still remain the best