5 Amazing Things That Happened On Day 43 Of BBNaija 2017

Big Brother Naija 2017 Day 43 Highlights

From interesting diary sessions to preparations for an eventful Big Brother Wedding, check out five things that happened on day 43 of Big Brother Naija show.

Day 43 of the Big Brother Naija show was about an interesting diary session and preparations for an eventful Big Brother Wedding.

In case you missed some of the interesting events of March 6, 2017, check out five things that happened on show.

1. With the Housemates having lost their Wager last week, they decided to go all-in again and bet 100% this week.

This week’s theme “BBWedding” will see two Housemates, Marvis and Efe as Bride & Groom tying the knot.

2. ThinTallTony retained his Head of House position during the game of finding the Golden Egg. This makes it the second time in a row the housemate has won the HoH tittle.

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3. The preparations for this week’s Big Brother Wedding” have kicked off.

Biggie asked the Housemates to create an authentically Nigerian wedding menu making sure to draw from their diverse cultures and heritage.

4. Viewers selected Marvis to be the Bride and Efe to be the groom for the big wedding on Thursday. While Marvis screamed “oh no!” Efe said he thought the viewers were going to vote for a “fine boy.”

Biggie asked the remaining housemates to pick the rest of the roles that they would play for the rest of the week.

Bisola and TTT agreed to be the mother and father of the bride. Bally will play the groom’s father.

Bassey will play the MC, while Debie-Rise will play a popstar and temptress who has a seven year old secret that could ruin the wedding. Tboss took the role of
Designer and Chef for the big party.

5. The Housemates nominated the people they liked the most and would love to stay around. Marvis won the popularity contest.

She was rewarded with a Power Card to be used over the coming days.

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