BBNaija Day 16 Live Feed Blog

Big Brother Naija 2018 Live Feed Blog

11:20pm – The visibly shivering housemates begin taking showers..

11:15pm – after punishing them, Big Brother orders the housemates to get back inside the house, he then tells them that hot water in available.

10:50pm – Big Brother disciplines the housemates for not obeying his rules, he sends his ninjas into the house and they splash cold water onto the housemates while they’re in FREEZE MODE

10:20pm – Big Brother asks all the housemates to move to the garden area, and apart from Tobi, Bambam, Khloe and Anto, he then orders all the rest to lineup in the gargen while facing the entrace to the house.

8:40pm – the days’ diary sessions finally come to an end

5:30pm – day 16 diary sessions kick off

3:43pm – Biggie tells the housemates that they’re going to be paired for the next 24 hours, housemates are not allowed to speak to any other housemates apart from the ones they’re paired with.

3:40pm – Biggie finally UNFREEZES the housemates after his Ninjas have done some re-pairing of the housemates..

3:30pm – Big Brother tells the housemates to FREEZE once again, gis ninjas enter the house and start re-pairing the housemates.

1:30pm – housemates are having their lunch

10:05am – Nina and Dee-One are having a conversation, then Nina tells Dee-One “Please can you pass me that water?” Dee-One then asks Nina: “Who? Me?”. The funny thing is that they are actually tied to each other.

9:20am – housemates are having their breakfast

8:00am – the housemates are in the arena for their routine morning workout

7:30am – housemates begin waking up one by one

Good morning to you all and welcome to Day 16 of Big Brother Naija season 3, this is the live feed blog of day 16 and you follow it for all the latest updates in the house.

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