Gifty Says She Doesn’t Miss Soma At All

Gifty Powers Says She Doesn't Miss Evicted Housemate Soma

This is just week 3 of Big Brother Naija but all we can see in the house are game winning strategies, it seems Gifty has already revealed hers.

So Gifty’s strategy could be hanging up with, kissing and seducing the guys in the house to avoid being nominated, well it seems to be paying off although Efe isn’t one to be seduced as he even put her up on the chopping block this week during his Save and Replace decision as the Head of House.

Despite sharing some sweet moments with Soma who was booted out of Biggie’s house last Sunday, Gifty insists that she doesn’t miss him at all.

If you can remember very well, Soma and Gifty were one really happy couple especially during week 2 of BBNaija. Infact this is the very week that Soma turned on Gifty after he visibly fingered her.

However during one of her diary sessions this week, Gifty surprised the viewers and Biggie himself when she revealed to him that “I don’t miss Soma at all”, she said.

And since Soma’s departure from the house, Gifty has moved on with the hunky dude Bally, the pair even shared a passionate kiss early on this week at night.

So do you think Gifty still has a thing for Soma or she’s just perfectly executing her game plan.

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