Big Brother Naija 2021 (Season 6) Week 8 Voting Results

Big Brother Naija 2021 (Season 6) Week 8 Voting Results

The Big Brother Naija 2021 (Season 6) Week 8 voting results have been revealed.

For this season of Big Brother Naija, the producers of the show chose to only release voting results of the housemates with the least percentage of votes.

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Therefore this week, Angel, Saskay and Yousef are the housemates who received the least percentages of votes.

So with that being said, below is a summary of this week’s voting results in percentage;

  • Angel received 16.22%
  • Saskay received 15.41%
  • Yousef received 12.88%

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What do you think about this week’s voting results? Kindly share your thoughts with us by dropping them in our comment section below.

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9 Responses

  1. Tony says:

    Very nice eviction i love it

  2. Patience Kaigama Godfrey says:

    Biggie we are highly disappointed in you, we thourt for you trowing d vote to de general public means u are trying to be faithful, upcurse Yusuf had the highest vote, flow by Emma, then Saskay, then cross which angel has the lowest, we were following up on our multiple vote, only for you to obiviouly show us tonight that you hate all the northerners. We thank u, but be rest assured that we will never watch no partake in ur evil and selfish show again, continue with the poeple u prefer most. If you wish show my post or not, the facts remains that the communication has taken place between us.

  3. Amono says:

    I appreciate the eviction, but this is the second time those with higer votes are evicted. It started with Maria then now Yousef.
    Since we are the ones voting, biggie can you follow the votes as it is other than using another tally. Number of votes are seen and we always follow, then you turned it as you wish. This shows you want some people to stay in the house, this happened with Saga too.
    When the one you love is third, then you evict two. Even yesterday Saga and Nini were wishpering, for long, what did you do even after warning them.

  4. Ndapewa says:

    Biggie you are very disappointed us here from Namibia we voted yousef but you throwing away our vote god bless you and now we know that you have apartheit we don’t want to watch your evil biggie and your selfish

  5. Lorraine Khiba says:

    Biggie iam a bit concerned about our voting results, why are you only showing the lowest results and not the highest too, we using our money to vote so i believe that we have the right to be shown whats taking place.

  6. Power says:

    Hmmmmmm I’m white money’s fan but week eight eviction shock me ooooo we have the right to see what we paid for, cuz we paid for those vote with our hard earn money, so please let it not repeat this week ooooo