Day 29: Biggie Nullifies BBNaija 2017 Nominations For Week 5

Day 29, Big Brother Nullifies Big Brother Naija 2017 Week 5 Nominations

Biggie has decided to nullify all this week’s nominations following the strike he issued to Kemen and the warning to Marvis for conspiracy and instigation.

Biggie says he has video evidence in which Kemen and Marvis are seen plotting to nominate Ese and Jon and yet according to the rules and regulations of the Big Brother Naija house, such behaviour and acts are not allowed in the house.

Biggie also informed Bally and Bisola that their advantages won’t be in play this week.

And now that Biggie has cancelled the nominations results for this week, he will personally select the housemates to be up for eviction this week.

Biggie has informed the housemates that he’s not sharing with them which housemates he’s putting up for possible eviction this week, he told them that he’s only sharing this information with the voting public.

However the truth is that there will be no voting this week, Biggie will only eject the fake housemates (Jon and Ese) from the house but the housemates are not aware of this yet.

This means that throughout the entire week, the housemates won’t be aware of who is up for possible eviction.

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24 Responses

  1. tommy says:

    The game is a bit boring now, Gifty is gone, superb actress u cant take that away from her no comparison, this is why viewers should not put emotion or sentiment into the game, let the best, smart entertainer wins

    • Anonymous says:

      Correct you these efe fans won't leave bassey. Alone just a game what about efe that voted his first love gift out yesterday today tbose .somebody must win and need to go home. What about Bally that voted bassey out hmm please

    • Anonymous says:

      Correct you these efe fans won't leave bassey. Alone just a game what about efe that voted his first love gift out yesterday today tbose .somebody must win and need to go home. What about Bally that voted bassey out hmm please

  2. Unknown says:


  3. Ginikanwa Chioma says:

    Luvin ESE

  4. Anonymous says:

    Biggie please don't evict Jon and Ese come Sunday use them as a replacement for Uriel and kemen. It's shocking that Jon and Ese were not part of the real housemates from the beginning. Started watching because of these two.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Biggie why must you evict Ese and Jon? They are making the house very lively. Just check out Saturday party….it was epic. This all happened because of Ese and Jon. Please dont remove them l beg you Biggie.

  6. awele chukwuemeka says:

    Ese is so fun. biggie don't evict her. to me she is the replacement for Gifty. if you pull out the people that makes the house lively people are no longer going to watch the show.

  7. Victoria Eso says:

    TTT should not go, please let Ese and Jon stay back

  8. Victoria Eso says:

    why is every body pointing hands at TTT when Efe is a spoiler and a gossip

  9. Anonymous says:

    Big brother knows that T boss and Uriel will go home,favour Baba we are aware that you love them.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Uriel must go. Ihate watching her fake british accent. everytime she goes to the diary room I leave my TV station and do something else

  11. Anonymous says:

    EFE what is it that his fans thinks he is doing much better than other house mates…I only remember him steal cocoice crown and the rest is that he is there doing nothing. Gossip…Miyonce was better

  12. Anonymous says:

    Uriel and kenem shld pls leave the house, they are boring and gossipers. pls Biggy take note

  13. Caesar says:

    Oh no Biggy, you would have aloud Uriel to go this week before sending Jon and Ese home. All the same good work Buggy.

  14. victoria kalonga says:

    Bisola is so entertaining, big mama Uriel is doing nothing in the house

  15. KennyChuchu says:

    This is bigbrother Marvis report to the chatroom…love you Marvis

    • Anonymous says:

      Also love Marvis style! I just wish she could do some cleaning more though…but she is being herself…which I like…tomboys dont like doing girly duties! I really love her, and her dress style too! I wish her luck shame!!

  16. Unknown says:

    I don`t know any of these housemates never anyone before i only know of Bisiola on project frame,please for now TTT deserves to win i might change my mind later,but honesty i need someone who is creative,leader,wise,smart,someone who can stand and make something from the winner prize not some bullshit housemate,gossiper,pretender,fake,and killers..all i need i see in TTT;Note i didn`t mention any other name but i watch BBN very closely n i see shits in most of the housemate but if TTT doesn`t have BISIOLA u own it

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you when u say TTT is very creative…I have already removed him rom my winning list…he has done grt damage to himself….messed his game big time…whilst this is a game, there r certain value issues…m talking from my own view point, I might b wrong…the fact that he is not honest to Bisola abt whether he is married or not…Bisola needs to know, especially when she asked whether he is single outside the house, to which he said he was single until he met her..I mean who does that on national TV? Last nite 23/02…knowing that Biggie might surprise them with calls/messages from outside…he told Biggie that he does not want such surprises…he is 100% messing with Bisolas real emotions…and that is going to cost him or so I believe, I might b wrong…

  17. Enagonimi Ayogoi says:

    Oh my God Ese and Jon should remain in the big brother house till ending.