Day 12: Praise wins week 2 Betway Friday night arena games

Praise Nelson wins Big Brother Naija 2020 week 2 Betway Friday night arena games

Praise Nelson has won the Betway Friday night arena games of Big Brother Naija 2020 week two.

When it was time for this week’s arena games, Big Brother instructed the housemates to head to the arena, and similar to last week, he asked them to take a moment and look at what would be the course tonight, however he cautioned them to take care and not touch anything.

Big Brother then asked the housemates to settle down and listen to instructions of tonight’s game.

Considering how the housemates struggled with last week’s arena games, Big Brother decided to heavily simplify the course tonight. And similar to last week, the housemates had to take turns at attempts to complete the course within the shortest time possible.

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Big Brother informed the housemates that unlike last week when they had just a minute to complete the entire course, they have 3 minutes to complete the course this week and whoever will be unable to complete within 3 minutes will have failed.

Big Brother further informed the housemates that the housemate who wins tonight’s games will be exempted from doing house chores, will be treated to a special house spa treatment with a full body massage by the rest of the housemates, and will also receive regular meals served on time.

The games then began with Ozo having the honour of playing first but unfortunately he was unable to complete the course within the provided 3 minutes, he was followed by Ka3na, Tochi, Kiddwaya, Lucy, Eric, Wathoni, Prince and Erica who all failed to complete the course.

Big Brother then had a few words for Erica who for a moment thought that she had successfully completed the course.

“Erica, I never took you for a cheat, you broke multiple rules and that will never count,” Biggie told Erica.

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Seeing that the housemates were all failing to complete the course, Big Brother reminded them that he would never give them impossible tasks. Biggie then advised those who were yet to take on the challenge to stay calm while taking on the course and only then would they be able to complete it.

The games then resumed with Vee, Neo, Dorathy and Trikytee who all failed to succesfully complete the course.

For a moment Trikytee thought he had successfully completed the course but Big Brother was not tolerating the way he completed the course.

“Anything worth doing is worth doing well, even if by some miracle you’ve managed to remove your can from the ruler, your can was not placed at the edge of the ruler.” Big Brother informed Trikytee.

The games then proceeded with Tolanibaj, Laycon and Kaisha.

“Kaisha, you were so close yet so far away” Big Brother sarcastically told Kaisha.

Next up was Praise who managed to complete the course in 2 minutes and 18 seconds.

“With a natural grace of a dancer, Praise was able to finish the task in 2 minutes and 18 seconds,” an impressed Biggie stated.

And lastly came Nengi, Brighto and Lilo who were all unable to beat Praise’s time nor complete the course.

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Big Brother then addressed the housemates, “Praise, congratulations, you have won tonight’s Betway challenge,” Biggie stated.

“Erica, Tolanibaj, you both completely disregarded the rules of the game. Erica you flouted the rules repeatedly and Tolanibaj you didn’t even try,” a seemingly unimpressed Biggie warned Erica and Tolanibaj.

Big Brother then concluded his address with;

“To the rest of the house, yet again you failed your Friday night arena games, if possible take a page from Praise’s book, and remember Praise must be pampered.”

Congratulations to Praise, he is now exempted from doing any house chores, he will be treated to a special house spa treatment with a full body massage by his fellow housemates, the housemates must also ensure that Praise receives regular meals served on time.

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