Day 18: Vandora Finally Reveals She Has A Thing For Dee-One

Vandora Says She Loves Dee-One

This is now the third week of Big Brother Naija season 3 and some female housemates like Vandora can’t hold their horniness no more.

To begin with, we are all certainly aware that Vandora has a boyfriend back home who she loves so much and this can be evidenced by the fact that she has mentioned him more than a few times in the house.

However yesterday she stated that she has a ‘thing’ for Dee-One after keeping it to herself for the past few days, and in fact Vandora has been throwing herself to the guy of late.

The best example we can give is what happened yesterday night after the Big Brother Naija Valentines Day dinner.

The pair were seen outside the house having a one on one conversation with Vandora flashing her smooth thighs in Dee-One’s direction.

Vandora kept on shooting her shots in a glaring way and at some point we thought Dee-One was just going to kiss her, but on the other hand we also had a feeling that may be Dee-One just couldn’t see the green light, well Vandora kept shooting her shots.

Vandora Says She Loves Dee-One

Well Vandora has a boyfriend outside the house, but the comedian ‘Dee-One’ is actually a married man back home.

And even if Dee-One was not married, the fact that Vandora likes him and was shooting her shots in a glaring way doesn’t mean he should have jumped at the opportunity.

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We understand that he might not feel the same way, so it’s better not to take advantage. It’s better to be hated for respecting someone because the feeling is not mutual, than to be cheered for taking advantage of someone who you know you actually don’t want.

And that being said, we don’t want Dee-One to trade the rainbow light at home for one yeye green light, the fact is that Dee-One was aware of what Vandora was up to but instead chose to be extremely defensive and kept on hiding behind his jokes.

And another thing is, why would Dee-One shoot when he’s aware that his wife is watching at home, we don’t want him to start begging like Tobi when he returns back home.

In fact we are guessing that if Dee-One’s wife was watching then she might have been in prayers for her husband not to disappoint her by engaging in any form sexual activity with Vandora.

And before we forget, Vandora kept on raising her legs up when they were on the bed last night, but the dude still applied his defensive tricks..

Do you think that anything will eventually happen between the two of them?

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