Day 29: Kiddwaya wins the Head of House title of week 5

Terseer Kiddwaya Wins Head of House title for Big Brother Naija 2020 week 5

Terseer Kiddwaya has won the Head of House title of Big Brother Naija 2020 ‘Lockdown’ week 5.

This evening before the housemates took part in the Head of House challenge, Big Brother first announced that the Head of House and Deputy Head of House have new privileges. They can now each bring one guest into the Head of House lounge, but their guest is not allowed to sleep there.

And as usual, Erica was did not take part in this week’s Head of House challenge because she’s the outgoing Head of House. In addition she cannot selected as a deputy Head of House.

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Laycon was the first housemate to take on the challenge and he was able to make it to block 6.

Up next was Nengi who made it to the putt, but hit the ball too hard to sink it.

Trikytee was next and he made it to block 9 before giving up on the game, up next was Wathoni never made it past block number 1.

Then came Ozo who gave it a good shot, making it as far as block 14 for tonight’s game.

It was so close and yet so far for Brighto who managed to make it to block 20, one block before the chest.

Up next was Dorathy who only made it to block one as she spent time trying to get the perfect roll.

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Then came Kiddwaya who made it to block 25, which was actually the furthest so far.

Up next was Lucy who almost made it to block 12 as the buzzer rang, then came in Neo who made it as far as block 12.

Up next was Tolanibaj who made it to block five before the buzzer rang, while Praise almost made it to block 12 as the buzzer rang.

Up next was Vee who got to block 18 as the buzzer rang her out and lastly Prince made it all the way to block 23 as the buzzer rang, he was so close and yet so far.

And because he went the furthest in the game, Kiddwaya won this week’s Head of House title and as Big Brother said, ‘Robin has become Batman’.

Congratulations to Kiddwaya although it’s also sad on the other hand because he cannot select his lady love Erica as his deputy.

Later on when called into the diary room to select his deputy Head of House, Kiddwaya chose Tolanibaj. This simply means that both Kiddwaya and Tolanibaj have immunity from nomination and the special access to the Head of House lounge this week.

Further still, Kiddwaya and Tolanibaj selected Erica and Prince respectively as their Head of House lounge guests for the week.

Congratulations to both of them..

So what do you think about Kiddwaya’s deputy Head of House selection? Please let us know by dropping off your opinion in the comment section below.

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2 Responses

  1. Priscilla says:

    Game on!!! Very good thinking Kidd. I love Laycon

  2. ipaye abayomi says:

    the house is now getting more and more interesting, you can imagine my mother-in-law of seventy years old following the housemate to the beam,,, cheers