Day 43: Week 7 Nominations, Housemates Participate Individually

Big Brother Naija 2018 Week 7 Nominations Results

The week 7 nominations have taken place this evening and you can now see out how all the housemates have nominated each other.

Before the live nominations kicked off, Big Brother made an announcement to the housemates that all strategic partnerships are all dissolved, the housemates who were really surprised to hear this burst into laughter.

Big Brother then asked this week’s Head of House ‘Nina’ to choose a Chance Card. Well Nina chose Card Number 2 whose contents were; “Immunity from nominations only”.

This simply meant that Nina is immune from nominations but doesn’t have the power to do a Save and Replace decision.

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The live nominations then kicked off with Anto being the first housemate to make it to the diary room, below is how every housemate has nominated this evening.

Anto – nominated Teddy A and Alex

Rico Swavey – nominated Cee-C and Miracle

Cee-C – nominated Alex and Anto

Lolu – nominated Rico Swavey and Bambam

Bambam – nominated Tobi and Anto

Tobi – nominated Teddy A and Bambam

Alex – nominated Bambam and Cee-C

Teddy A – nominated Tobi and Miracle

Miracle – nominated Cee-C and Lolu

Nina – nominated Bambam and Lolu

So following the live nominations, below is a list summarising the number of nominations that each housemate has received.

1. Bambam — 4 nominations

2. Cee-C — 3 nominations

3. Lolu — 2 nominations

4. Anto — 2 nominations

5. Tobi — 2 nominations

6. Alex — 2 nominations

7. Teddy A — 2 nominations

8. Miracle — 2 nominations

9. Rico Swavey — 1 nomination

Well the nominations indicate that Bambam has received the highest number of nominations, 4. She was then followed by Cee-C who had 3, six housemates who include Lolu, Anto, Tobi, Alex, Teddy A and Miracle all received 2 nominations and lastly Rico Swavey received just 1 nomination.

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And after all the housemates had participated in the live nominations, Big Brother then announced the full list of housemates up for possible eviction from the Big Brother Naija house this week.

1. Anto

2. Cee-C

3. Lolu

4. Bambam

5. Tobi

6. Alex

7. Teddy A

8. Miracle

So what do you think about today’s live nominations, please share with us by making use of the comments section below.

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