Day 52: Neo wants Vee back

Neo tells Vee that he wants her back with him

It looks like ladies man Neo now wants Vee back with him as he misses her a lot.

Following their argument the past weekend, Neo and Vee broke up, the former even sent the latter packing as he banned her from sleeping in his bed again.

The pairs nasty argument even led to Neo receiving his a strong and final warning from Big Brother on Sunday evening shortly before Erica was disqualified from the house.

And now last night after the housemates’ Darling task, Neo expressed his feelings to Vee while in the lounge.

“I will do anything to get you back, I miss you making fun of me when I dance, when you know that I can’t dance,” Neo said.

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While he said all this, Vee was silently attentive and just looking at him.

Vee silently listens to Neo
Vee attentively listening to Neo.

“I miss you asking me to do stuff for you, I have too many things to say I swear,” Neo further further stated.

Vee then stood up and left with the excuse that she needed to go and fry plantain.

Vee walks away from Neo
Vee walks away from Neo leaving him in the lounge.

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So how about we talk about people tending to treasure things more after they have lost them, well if you know what this means, then you know.

So what’s your opinion about this ship? Do you think Vee should give Neo a second chance? Kindly let us know your thoughts by making use of the comment section below.

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3 Responses

  1. suzi Motshwane says:

    Yes Vee must give him another second but for last time.

  2. Cassandra Clara says:

    Vee must give Neo another chance

  3. Alexa says:

    She shouldn’t he was very bad to her

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