Day 57: Bisola Is Dearly Missing ThinTallTony

Bisola Is Missing ThinTallTony Following His Eviction

It’s very evident that Bisola is missing ThinTallTony following the latter’s eviction from the Big Brother Naija house last night.

Bisola a mother of one was spotted wiping tears from her eyes after the workout session this morning.

All seemed ok this morning, until Bisola wiped tears from her eyes after the morning workout session.

It seems the entertainment queen isn’t quite taking ThinTallTony’s Eviction very well. It all started yesterday during the Live Eviction Show, when Ebuka called out ThinTallTony as the next Evicted Housemate. Gasps were heard coming from the other Housemates, as Biggie announced he had ten seconds to leave the House and Bisola started crying. She hugged him and he told her that it was going to be ok. After he left, they all sat in shock while Bisola continued crying.

The Housemates woke up this morning and got straight into it, starting off with their usual morning exercise. All seemed well and Bisola even joined TBoss, Bally and Bassey in leading the workout session.

It was only after the session that emotions got the better of her. For a moment there, she sat alone looking distraught and wiped tears from her eyes. She quickly gathered herself and went back into the House and got started with her chores. She was however, heard singing Brandy’s song titled “Nothing” while carrying on with her chores. Debie-Rise sang along with her.

Bisola and ThinTallTony have been close and although the latter had infact declared he had interest in another Housemate, TBoss to be specific, the two had remained very close until he was Evicted yesterday.

She went about the morning chatting with her fellow Housemates, carrying on like every other day, singing one or two sad love songs. Another song she sang had lyrics that go like, “I miss you, miss you insane.”

Hhhmm, the irony.. Could the queen of entertainment be putting up a front, pretending to be ok in front of her fellow Housemates, while slowly dying inside? Or, is this just a coincidence? We don’t know. We can only wait and see as the week’s events unfold.

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2 Responses

  1. Olusegun Adepoju says:

    Big Brother, its like you are protecting Tboss, This girl has not done anything unique in the house. I dont have any favourite but to me, she is forming too much. She has clash with almost with every member of the house. The next thing is to report them. She can't dance, joke and play along. She feel too big.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wat sense did u just make? We talkin bisola and ttt u talkin tboss! Oga agbaya, u v a problem, and only ur village people can help u since ur as big as dis wit no sense! Continue watchin bbn thru instagram and fb o! Anuofia