Day 64: Biggie Gives Housemates Permission To Conspire, It’s Now 2 Against 4

Big Brother Allows Housemates Permission To Conspire

Allegations of a “clique” in the Big Brother Naija House aren’t anything new. TBoss and Debie-Rise have been singing this song for weeks on end now.

Biggie’s twist last night gave the Housemates free reign to conspire and discuss who they’d Nominate tonight. This morning, Bally, Bisola, Efe and Marvis got together and started discussing openly, which one of them they felt should take the fall.

It was a clear confirmation of their allegance to one another and it not only confirms what Debie-Rise and TBoss have been saying all along but also makes them clear targets for tonight’s Nomination. Simply put, it’s two against four.

The main alliance also seem quite confident of their chances with all of them alluding to Nominating Bisola. “My tiki Bally! Why you go send me to battle?” Bisola protested before Bally reassured her that he’d never send her to go do something she couldn’t accomplish. Efe flat out refused to take the fall arguing that he’d been “taking one for the team” since the beginning and that TBoss and Debie-Rise were definitely going to vote for him. He seemed quite confident of the strentgh of their camp however and reassured them that no matter who got Nominated “No one’s going anywhere!”

Meanwhile, TBoss and Debie-Rise aren’t pleased about the plot twist with the latter arguing that they don’t have to conspire just because they’ve been given permission to. “Not everything that is permissible is expedient!” Debie-Rise lamented. On a positive front, they revealed that they had each other’s backs.

Now it might all seem doom and gloom but it’s worth noting that this is an opportunity for both ladies to strategise & ensure their spot in the final. For example they could co-opt one of the members of the other alliance.

Bally is someone who’s voted strategically from the get go and made it known too. All the ladies would need to do is convince him that he should Nominated the biggest threats in the House instead of voting according to allegance which would help his chances in the final week. Lamenting won’t help their case. This week is all about playing the game or getting played.

We want to know what you’d do if you were in the House this week.

Also please let us know if you agree with Biggie allowing the housemates to Conspire this week by dropping your comment in one of our comment boxes below.

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is not a fair game Biggy is playing because this 4 against 2. Biggy should put all of them up for eviction to know each of their strength with their teams and fans outside cos some of them are hiding under others e.g Marvis and Bally.

  2. DDTO says:

    hey …it tells you that Marvis and Bally were smart in securing friedships because they are now paying off! I dont know why people forget that Marvis is more active than TBoss…she is more active than Bally yes, whilst you all thought she was lazy, she secured strong relationships in there which is part of the game, proving that she played the game well! She is not even looking at winning at this stage but at making it to the final! Stop abt this unfairness because its a situation the housemates created…they were blah blah blah we dont want to be part of any clique whilst they were infact lying because TBOss, DeBBIeRise and Bassey were a clique….

  3. JOHNSON IYABI says:

    Pls just stop d lie. D way u talks no truth in u, i wonder what ll be with plp like u in dis world.

  4. UNKOWN says:

    @DDTO I agree with you, Bassey, Tboss and Debbie were a it is now wrong when others are doing it, grow up ppl. Tboss is a master manipulator there, she is very good at it because she is beautiful so people don't expect evil from her….She discusses Bisola and Efe everytime she gets, please gal you are older than that. PEACE