Day 70: Omashola Wins Week 11’s Veto Power Game Of Chance

Omashola Wins Week 11's Veto Power Game Of Chance

Omashola has won week 11’s Veto Power Game of Chance thereby ensuring his safety for at least two more weeks inside the Big Brother Naija house.

Following tonight’s live eviction show that ended with Venita being evicted from the house, it was time for the Veto Power Game of Chance for week 11.

Tonight’s Veto Power Game of Chance was really a simple one and that’s why it lasted only a few seconds, Big Brother tasked the housemates with opening padlocks that had been locked onto a wire mesh.

All the housemates had to do was to randomly pick one key from a couple of keys that were placed on a table and then try it out in one of the padlocks that had been locked on to the wire mesh.

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It wasn’t long before Big Brother sounded the buzzer for the game to begin, and within just a few seconds, three housemates had already found matching keys and opened a padlock each, these are Omashola, Mercy and Ike.

And because Omashola was the very first housemate to unlock a padlock, Big Brother announced him as the winner of the Veto Power Game of Chance of week 11.

His win comes with the chance to wear the Veto badge for the entire week, the Veto Power to save a nominated housemate and replace such a housemate with another housemate and obviously Bet9ja coins.

Congratulations to Omashola.

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4 Responses

  1. Maria Amunyanyo says:

    Congrats my Omashola for won Veto Power. God bless Omashola. Warri street!!

  2. francis maseya says:

    congrats Dr warri

  3. francis maseya says:

    my man warri keep the fire burning. Maseya Francis from Zambia.