Day 77: Why We Have More Ladies In The Top 8 Housemates of BBNaija 2018

Why We Have More Ladies In The Top 8 Big Brother Naija 2018 Housemates

The Big Brother Naija 2018 female housemates have managed to hold it out and outnumber the male housemates despite having the least number of wins in the entire season so far.

Besides having a longer life expectancy thanks to finding the most pleasure in curating calorie-free diets, colour-coded living spaces, makeup on fleek and choosing patterns appealing to the eye instead of deriving fixes from tip of the cliff jumps, pepper swallowing contests and drag-racing; women out-endure and outdo men on numerous fronts, and it seems like the BBNaija House is one of those fronts.

The Game started on a rather noisy note when not one but two Xs marked the spot. With 20 Housemates battling it out for both the gold and the glory, one group was bound to bag the turf advantages; ‘turf’ not because any of them were familiar with the dynamics, but because of having greater chances of holding their own; nibbling on crumbs and dust if need be.

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It ‘women feed on drama’ isn’t an actual theory, then lets place a stamp of approval on it now because almost all the quarrels in the House were sourced from the girls, fed by the girls and very seldom buried by the girls.

This of course sky rocketed the amount of pressure exerted in the House, prompting everyone to draw out their weapons while fake smiling; having the viewers anticipate the rounds to follow, KO style.

Moreover, very seldom did we hear any of the guys raising their voices and blurting out on each other’s flaws for the entire Household to take note; bashing and bringing out each other’s dirty laundry when it comes to the girls however, need we elaborate?

We didn’t think so; because if we were to list all the instances, this write-up would go ‘novel’ on you real quick.

Hand it to the guys on a silver platter though because they definitely came in hard strategically and put in the physical work that saw them tallying high up with the Head of House wins, Task victories and Arena Millions.

However, survival still remains the ultimate goal and those ropes ladies and gents, are held securely by the girls.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I want a lady to win this time. Please cut the bias and see the double trouble from ladies and acknowledge that by voting for a girl to win