Day 79: Alex sheds tears before Tobi gives her a warm hug in bed

Alex Asogwa Cries In Bed With Tobi Bakre

The not-so-silent war between Cee-C and Alex continues to rage like a wildfire – and this time, it’s over “untrue statements”.

Last night, a flood of tears raced down Alex’s cheeks as she shared how hurt she is at the comments Cee-C made during the Live Eviction Show.

On Sunday night, Cee-C told Ebuka that Alex throws herself at every man in the House.

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A flabbergasted Alex took exception to the comments and defended herself, insisting that Cee-C was only saying this because she is not comfortable with her and Tobi’s close friendship. Naturally, Cee-C denied Alex’s assertions and said she was speaking about “all of the men” and not just Tobi.

Alex and Cee-C have had some pretty hairy encounters over the course of Big Brother Naija that have left the two at odds, mostly. Just yesterday, Alex was adamant that she didn’t want Cee-C to take over the Head Of House position she was leaving vacant because she didn’t want fights, attitude and bad vibes.

Unfortunately, Cee-C took over anyway, courtesy of her having the least Head of House victories under her belt, as per this week’s final Head of House brief.

It is pretty clear that the ladies need to sit down and iron things out, but is it not a little too late at this point? An objective Tobi didn’t seem to think so.

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The other half of Tolex encouraged Alex to let it all out, but in the same breath expressed how sad it is that the three women in the House are not as close as they all should be.

Through her tears, Alex looked to the future and revealed just how much she does not want to leave the House while still holding grudges.

Do you think an Alex and Cee-C reunion might take us by surprise and happen this week?

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