Day 91: Ike Has Been Evicted From Big Brother Naija 2019

Ike Evicted from Big Brother Naija 2019

Ike has been evicted from the Big Brother Naija 2019 house becoming the twentieth housemate to leave the house.

And just a few minutes after his eviction, Ike had a chat with host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu on the Big Brother Naija live stage.

The first question that Ebuka asked him was at what did he notice Mercy and starting making moves on her, Ike says that at first Mercy wanted to be friends and that there were some other girls he was eyeing, KimOprah and Tacha to be specific.

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And asked when things really got emotional between him and Mercy, Ike says that it was right before Big Brother brought in new housemates (Joe, Enkay, Elozonam, Cindy and Venita).

Ebuka then asked Ike if he thinks the feeling between him and Mercy is mutual and what he thinks for Mercy right now, Ike replies by saying the feeling is mutual and that right now he loves Mercy, he also adds that they are definately going to be a couple after the show.

Asked about the Bet9ja coins, Ike says that the rules surrounding these coins were very clear, ‘coins can be lost and found’ meaning that housemates are allowed to steal each other’s Bet9ja coins. He further states that some housemates didn’t take the Bet9ja coins seriously be he did, and in the end he did what he had to do in order to survive.

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Ike further states that he’s not a thief in real life just because he stole his fellow housemates’ Bet9ja coins inside the Big Brother Naija house and in fact he puts it much more clearer, he says he’s a coin finder and not a coin thief.

Ebuka then asked Ike which housemates knew about him being a coin thief, rather a coin finder like he refers to himself, Ike replies by saying that Mercy, Tacha and KimOprah all knew.

Asked if he feels bad that he gave some of his Bet9ja coins to Mercy which she in fact used to buy immunity to the Big Brother Naija 2019 Grand Finale week, Ike says he doesn’t feel bad and that sometimes a lot of things happen for a reason and that Mercy was worth it.

Speaking about some of his highlights inside the Big Brother house besides Mercy, Ike says winning Head of House, Saturday night after parties and all the Friday night arena games.

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And about his low moments inside the house, Ike speaks about the very first Saturday night when he stole Omashola’s Bet9ja coins and ended up being given a strike later on, he also speaks about that Saturday night when he had an altercation with Seyi.

Asked about his plans moving forward now that he’s out of the Big Brother house, Ike says he’g going to try and work as soon as possible.

Finally Ebuka asked him who he thinks is going to win this season of Big Brother Naija, Ike replies by saying, “my baby” referring to Mercy as the housemate he thinks is going to win.

Farewell to Ike and we wish him all the best in all his future endeavours.

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