Efe Wins The Ultimate Head Of House Title For Week 9

Efe Wins Head Of House Title For Big Brother Naija 2017 Week 9

In yet another twist, this weeks Ultimate Head of House challenge is the most important one yet.

Biggie told the Housemates during the show to make their way to the Arena which was awash with colour as the Housemates were greeted with an Arena full of balloons.

Where they were to compete for a very important Head of House challenge. They were told that this was the Ultimate Head of House Card and he told them that the meaning of the card would be revealed on Monday Night.

With ThinTallTony out of the running, would Bassey carry on with his winning streak that was temporarily halted on Friday by ThinTallTony? Ebuka told the Housemates to go into the Arena where they were met with a huge amount of balloons. They had to pop the balloons and search for the letters that spelled the words – Head of House.

The first person to successfully spell the word out would win the new title of Ultimate Head of House.

Biggie told the Housemates to Freeze and then got them popping balloons again, telling them to first pop the balloons using their bums and then their hands again. In a laborious Task, the sound of popping balloons filled the Arena as some of the Housemates got visibly flustered. TBoss was obviously wanting to win this one as each piece of paper that didn’t correspond to what she needed was thrown to the floor angrily.

Debie-Rise desperately searched for a “d,” so close yet so far. Biggie opted for a game of patience, this time. Bally looked daunted by the sheer volume of balloons in front of him as he and Bisola discussed the futility of the Task ahead. Debie-Rise came close but eventually, a triumphant Efe held his spelt words and was pronounced the new Head of House.

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16 Responses

  1. Frank Osumah says:

    Efe is d king, the ultimate head of house. Oil dey your head

  2. Anonymous says:

    It seemed like Biggie was reluctant to confirm the HOH challenge winner! Biggie we are watching u…I hope you will not change the benefits of the ultimate HOH..we know ultimate means "last/final" .Our KING and QUEEN " cruising to the final!!!Bassey, b very afraid!

    • Anonymous says:

      Which queen? Abeg speak for urself alone! Marvis dat only used to remembr to love efe when she's drunk or on Saturday nites suddenly is all over him,even made him eba!all becos he's HOH! No b only queen! Efe is single biko

  3. IJAY says:

    Congratulations Efe, your kidney is still functioning nice one BRo

  4. Anonymous says:

    hey dont come to me and talk nonsense because that is your view ..to me Marvis is the Queen and you are going to see her to the final! Some of us have been noticing the stories you create abot her…what does Efe do during the week u dont even know whether its their arrangement or not because Efe as well roots for her during the saturday party, and he seems fine with it..Soo glad she depends on Efe not on viewers! Why the fuck would you think we includes "you" in particular..go get a life pig!

  5. DDTO says:

    oh yeaaaaah! MARFE to the final, finaly!!!!!! CONGRATS IGWE EFE!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    These people who keeo shaming marvis should stop really because Efe is very brilliant, he would have long noticed that Marvis is pretending to like him because he uses his kidney very well plus he senses things. People must stop creating stories in their heads becauseat the end of the day, this thing is between him and Marvis! How does marvis know he has following because she has never been out of the house. People are just jealous because they want their favourite housemates to make it to the final, at the end of the day, God is in control and looks like God is with Marvis because Efe is the ulimate HoH which means that Marvis is safe. Mwa Lover of MARFE and all those that support them are THRILLED! Igwe EFE, the SUPREME ultimate HOH!

  7. DDTO says:

    yes they should stop because Efe loves Marvis and logistically, having Marvis in the final increases his chances of winning because she is not competition! People must use their KIDNEY very well!!!

  8. Julie Okunola says:

    Thank God for efe. Am happy he won d HOH. At least he will rest with eviction matter and we d fans will rest for voting till date finals. Pls let save plenty money for efe finals. We can support efe clique Marvis, bally and bisola but pls let save of money.#teamEfe.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Efe for money and behind successfull man there is a successful woman and marvis is that woman to help efe to get the money haters. Keep on hating whiles we keep on supporting. Our. IGWE efenation

  10. Willicious says:

    Teamefe join me one the group from whatsapp at this contact 0829323598

  11. jess says:

    Frderal government want to frustrate midwifes abi?so after spending 3yrs in midwifery sch,one year at home…no licence,they say mss is compulsory call us no way…the stupid nursing council is still conducting exams…..I advice u..if any of ur relative is going for midwifery..dont oooooooooooooooooo..the thunder that will stike the people in charge is coming from hell directly

  12. Anonymous says:

    Efe and Marvis for life…I'm behind you 100% & wish you all the best with the prize money, you are the ultimate HOH & 25M naira for you Igweeeeee

  13. DDTO says:

    Efeeeee the IGWE!! MARFE…my fav BB NAIja 2017 couple! EFE-MArvis-Bisola…the ultimate clique!!! Love you guyz! My wish is to have you on my screen till the final!!