Enkay Big Brother Naija 2019 'Season 4' Housemate

This lioness is hoping that being in the Big Brother House will bring her exposure in order to showcase her talent.

Her father’s passing was the lowest point in her life, but she is stronger and knows that her struggles do not define her.

This tailor promises to spice up the Pepper Dem House.

What irritates you most about other people: I dislike people who always do things based on what is reigning.

What will you do with the prize money: I’ll expand my business and do more skill acquisition venture.

Why will you be a fan favourite: Cause I’m a very amazing person.

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1 Response

  1. Priscilla says:

    Biggie please ask Ebuka to kindly tell the viewers to watch the show and stop saying the horrible things they are saying about Ester. She has done absolutely nothing wrong and yet they keep cursing at her. Some even say the that they hate her! That is a very, very strong word to say to a person that you barely know and who has done nothing WRONG to you personally. She is just a girl doing her own thing in the house. I am a mother and I just cannot believe the comments I read about Ester. Really now, is all necessary? This is a game and viewers should not demoralise the contestants. These comments are telling a whole lot about us as human beings. Especially women! How does another women speak so badly about another for no apparent reason? It is totally disgusting and the matter must be dealt with as soon as yesterday. I feel that as a women she has done us proud just by achieving her law degree! Let us at least appreciate that about her!