Bally Accepts His Title As ‘The Ultimate Kisser’ For Kissing All The Girls In The BBNaija House

Bally Accepts Title As The Ultimate Big Brother Naija 2017 Kisser

It was a cinematic day as T-Base visited the House to teach them how to do a video. A Horror, no less.

The Housemates had another session toward their “Nigerian Entertainment Week” video Task with a visit from film director and cinematographer, T-Base, yes, T-Base, not TBoss, TBoss was already there. Their afternoon was spent fine-tuning their storylines for their video. Bisola really took to the cinematography side of things.

Meanwhile, TBoss told Biggie that she was scared that she would mess up the role of Nigeria in the video. If she acts better than she sings, she will be okay.

Debie-Rise had Bally on her mind as she was unaware that he had kissed all the girls in the House. Bassey had the avoidance of romance on his mind as it led to heartbrak, vis a vis ThinTallTony and Bisola (which according to ThinTallTony was all an act.) Bally was named the Ultimate Kisser, which we are sure that Efe would prefer that title rather than the one he currently holds. Bisola gushed about the visit of T-Base having discovered a new potential talent in cinematography.

Bisola has excelled all season at anything to do with musicals or entertainment and this week is no different as she came up with the Horror Movie concept. Marvis and Bisola both noted, though, that Bassey made a great director. During a bit of down-time, some were discussing the subject of the Fake Housemate that Biggie “let slip” and TBoss’ name came up as she had survived numerous Evictions. Other’s thought that it must have been ThinTallTony as they couldn’t believe that someone that popular had been Evicted.

While the Housemates were struggling with sleep deprivation and searching for ideas, an idea suddenly snapped Efe from sleep to attention and he exclaimed “I dey hear you in my sleep! Good ideas!” Clearly Efe has woken up, he saw how popular he is after garnering most of the Votes this weekend. The Housemates were suddenly charged up into action and Bisola suggested the Horror Movie concept, wrote the script and start to finish.

It was then time for Bally tyo get all of the attention, including – Debie-Rise serenading him on her guitar with the words “I want to grow old with you…” whilst doing the splits. Bally snuck up on TBoss and tickled her and she said that she didn’t mind his constant attention. Bally is obviously the Ultimate Kisser and the one that all the ladies fancy. Bally’s secret? He listens to the ladies. Take notges guys. Tell us what you think below.

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