BBMzansi 2024 Week 5 Nominations – Season 4

Big Brother Mzansi 2024 Week 5 Nominations

The Big Brother Mzansi 2024 Week 5 Nominations have taken place on Day 29 of season 4.

They took place after Taki had won the Week 5 Head of House crown earlier in the evening.

Before the week 5 nominations took place, Biggie allowed the housemates to conspire with each other.

The housemates were to occupy a demarcated area in the house and were given three minutes to conspire with a fellow housemate, engaging each other on how to nominate.

Big Brother then increased the drama when he made the nomination session a public one, meaning all the housemates made their picks, with reasons, in front of each other in the lounge.

Below is how the housemates nominated each other in Week 5 of Big Brother Mzansi Season 4.

HousemateNomination 1Nomination 2
LiemaMeelayYoung Pappi
McJuniorElsYoung Pappi
Young PappiMcJuniorLiema

NOTE: PapaGhost and Lerato Modise did not take part in these Fake Nominations because they are still hidden inside Biggie’s Secret Cabin as part of a Fake Eviction twist that took place during Sunday’s eviction on Day 28 ( 18 February 2024 ), the same day when Pale was evicted from the house.

Below is a table showing the number of times each housemate was nominated this week.

HousemateNo. of Times Nominated
Young Pappi2

Following the week 5 nomination session, the housemates with the highest nominations were; Yolanda, Liema, Makhekhe, Jareed, McJunior, Els, Meelay, and Young Pappi.

This week’s Head of House, Taki, saved McJunior and replaced him with Chuenzaaa.

Therefore the final nominated housemates in week 5 are; Yolanda, Liema, Makhekhe, Jareed, Chuenzaaa, Els, Meelay, and Young Pappi.

However, this week’s nominations were FAKE, which means that there is also No Voting and there will be No Eviction on Sunday.

On the funnier side of things, the housemates are not aware of all of this.

And with that being said, what are your thoughts about the week 5 nominations? Kindly share your opinions with us by dropping them in the comment box below.


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4 Responses

  1. Mosuana says:

    This shows that some of the housemates don’t know how to play the show. According to some of the reasons, why they nominate others. Their nomination is all about hating not stronghold. Lerato and Ghost must return to the house, we want to see the show please.🙏

  2. MantshiM says:

    This was brilliant, it adds drama and these house mates Sal wakker word. Having said that, it also brings animosity in the house. Loved it. 😍

  3. Lesego says:

    I don’t enjoy big brother anymore.Why people like drama and evil deeds.Lerato and papa ghost must go. They are bullying other housemates,If you call this drama is not,The show suppose to build not to break.Doesn’t teach the public.Thi show is toxic shame

    • Nkululeko says:

      Is papa Ghost and Lerato violeting rule book, if so why big brother has not punished them? You seem to lack understanding of the game hence you are using words bully as if that’s boarding school. That’s big brother not some school trip .

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