Here Are Six Things You Might Need To Know About Rico Swavey

Facts About Rico Swavey

Here are six things about Rico Swavey you guys probably don’t know:

1. Rico Swavey is obviously not his full name, but Patrick Fakoya.

2. He is 25 years old.

3. Rico Swavey is a musician and actor. Recall that during the live show yesterday, he told Ebuka that as he’s out of the house, he’s looking to focus on his musical career – he has a number of Hip hop and ‘alternative’ tracks to his credit. He has a new sound called ‘Afrosantana’.

When it comes to acting, he’s quite known for his role in the ‘Life 101’ drama series.

4. Though he never mentioned this in the house, Rico Swavey is also a trained lawyer. He studied law at Babcock University

5. Rico Swavey entered the show to help his cousin who has autism and to invest in his music.

6. Rico Swavey was born in a relatively large family. He has seven siblings.

While in the show, Rico Swavey was indeed one of the not so romantically linked guys in the house, as regards having a relationship.

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