Maureen Osuji’s Biography

Maureen Osuji ProfileFull Name: Maureen Osuji

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Occupation: Student

Hometown: Lagos, originally from Imo State

Star Sign: Aries

Relationship Status: Single

Holding a BSC in Psychology, 23-year-old Maureen loves the TV shows Friends, Oprah and Tyra. Her favourite musicians are Whitney Houston, Wyclef, Yanni and Lagbaja.

She is confident that she has ‘great interpersonal skills’. Her role model is world-famous television talk show queen Oprah because ‘she’s smart, sophisticated, a philanthropist. She’s black and best of all she is a woman. Talk about Girl Power.’

Maureen entered Big Brother Nigeria ‘to meet people, and for a one in twelve chance of winning USD 100,000.’ She relaxes by reading novels, watching movies, hanging out and cooking.

And she’s thrilled to know that audiences will be watching her from around the continent. ‘There are a thousand and one things’ she would do with the money if she won, but ‘the first few things would be to give my mom the best medical care she needs and to buy a house.’

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