Queen Mercy Atang

Queen Mercy Atang, Big Brother Naija 2021 (Season 6) housemate

Age: 26

Occupation: Philanthropist, entrepreneur, aspiring politician

Residence/Birthplace: Akwa Ibom

Queen has a mom she adores and three beautiful siblings that she loves.

She is a Tansian University graduate and an international beauty queen. Queen describes herself as “beautiful, courageous, and fearless” and reckons being raised by a single mother taught her a lot about life.

An ambitious and driven person who values everyone around her, she considers herself a true leader and an excellent communicator who is very calculating, loyal, and peaceful.

Queen likes to show off her “sweet” body and feels clothes are overrated. This happy girl plans to be nice to everyone in the Big Brother Naija House, but won’t hesitate to “bite” when someone steps on her toes.

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