Day 64: Week 9 Voting Results of Big Brother Naija Season 7

Week 9 Voting Results of Big Brother Naija 2022 (Season 7) Level Up

The Week 9 voting results of Big Brother Naija Season 7 “Level Up” in 2022 have been revealed today on Day 64 of the season.

This week’s results clearly show that Sheggz received the least percentage of votes this week, just 13.26%.

Groovy received the second least percentage of votes, 14.63%, while Hermes received 15.83%.

The Big Brother Naija Season 7 Housemates with the highest percentage of votes this week are; Bryann, Bella and Adekunle in no particular order.

Below is a summary of the Big Brother Naija 2022 (Season 7) week 9 voting results.

HousemateVote Percentage

So are you surprised by this week 9’s voting results in any way? If yes, please tell us why by dropping your thoughts in the comment box below.


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45 Responses

  1. David says:

    I need to see the full results including for Brayn, Adakunle and Bella otherwise im not contented with the results .

  2. Gwen says:

    I do not understand how these results honestly, it seems as though they hav been tempered. Please let the right person win no favours non or watsoever. We love Biggy in SA especially for the opportunity they give people who have dreams n facing alot of hardships to reach them. So once we lose trust in the process we then lose interest. We cannot n never shall we waste our data , money , airtime and petrol going around to get votes for out faves n only have the owner faves go on. It is simply not fair at all.

  3. Favour Alex says:

    God!!! You can’t predict this show again

  4. Moses jurkop says:

    How comes Adekunle was leading then Groovy followed by Bryann. Then why evicting groovy leaving Bella? Pls explain this percentage kind of a thing

  5. Maidi says:

    I’m not certisfied about the results of the 9 week housemates who were up for possible eviction.Why bbnaija are you giving us the percentages of the three housemates and you have not revealed or published the percentages of Bella,Brian and Adekunde.Groovy was the second housemates who received the highest and Adekunde was the first who received the highest votes.This bbnaija show is not consistent and housemates who received the lowest votes are the ones who are remaining at bbnaija’s house.The game is not fair at all.

    • Maidi says:

      Last week’s eviction also was not fair (8 week eviction) whereby Dotun was not supposed to be evicted but bbnaija have decided to evict Dotun unfairly .It seems we are wasting our energy to safe our favourite housemates as bbnaija and Ebuka knows that they do have one housemate who is their favourite to win the 1000M

    • Evelyn says:

      Plz share the results of all the 6 evicted members from The top

  6. Maidi says:

    As South Africans we are watching the show and we make sure we give our votes to our favourite housemates but you bbnaija and Ebuka what you are doing you are corrupt.Already you have shown the viewers that, you have invested the 1000M to Bella Or Brian.

  7. Lizzy Oyitso says:

    Biggie, be transparent in your judgement! Let this reality show be free and fair devoid of favouritism!

  8. Deolar says:

    You evicting Hermes yesterday was biased.I’m done watching ur show

    • Oag says:

      Me too, am done watching this show. I won’t watch this any more the eviction did not represent the voters.

  9. Maidi says:

    Housemates who were supposed to leave the bbnaija’s house on Sunday eviction (25/09/2022 it was Sheggs,Bella and Hermes as they received the lowest votes.Bbnaija and Ebuka,you are evil you better close this show as you have showed the Africans that you are taking sides when you do your evictions you are not considering our votes when you do evictions,you do favouritism and manipulating the votes as you know already that ,this 1000M you are going to give it to one of the housemates who is your family.You just buying time by putting the remaining housemates in bbnaija’s house.You don’t even feel shame with the nonsense of what you are doing

    • Ezechi Florence says:

      Pls u guys should the right thing this week o. Let the votes count . Do this and Nigerians will hold u high. Yesterday was not fair at all.

  10. Evelyn says:

    Plz share the results of all the 6 evicted members from The top

  11. Maidi says:

    Bbnaija and Ebuka,I’ve noticed that,you uses your powers to evicts housemates which you hates them and as voters when we saved our favourites housemates you don’t consider our votes.Here are the percentages of the week 9 housemates:Brian 25Percent received 970 votes,Groovy 24Percent received 946 votes,Adekunde 21Percent received 824 votes,Hermes11Percent received 451votes,Bella 14percent received 568 votes and Sheggs 5Percent received 183 votes .Total Voters 3,679 and you bbnaija you have used your discretion by evicting Groovy and you saved Bella who have the lowest votes.

  12. Penelope says:

    What you have done biggy it was not fair Groovy was not supposed to leave ,you done that before to Ozo last season it is wrong we were voting everyday and I was sure that Groovy is not leaving#South AfricaA

  13. Olesin olubisi says:

    It’s well biggy knows what he is doing just do the right thing well done sir

  14. Kaoma says:

    BBN is a rigged show how can groovy and Hermes be evicted

  15. Oag says:

    Yesterday’s eviction was surely biased. How did Big brother just evict Hermes.

    And also we need to see results for all contestants, not just a select.

    Don’t think I should watch the show again

  16. Ezechi florence says:

    Biggie pls the whole world is watching don’t be partial let the votes count pls.

  17. Xoxo says:

    Please let’s all come together as one and vote Adekunle

    • Sopresh says:

      No body is coming together with you to vote adekunle, vote for him if he’s your favorite housemate others will vote for their more pity votes.

  18. Vilma says:

    All I want is phyna to win that 100m please stop complain about past things

  19. anuoluwapo says:

    Chichi for the money

  20. Suzi Motshwane says:

    Phyna for the money

  21. Olawale says:

    Bryann for the money

  22. Stella says:

    Adekunle for the money

  23. Stella says:

    Adekunle Al the way

  24. Jefferybest says:

    Adekunle for the money

  25. Jefferybest says:

    Adekunle my man

  26. Haxofty btc says:

    Phyna for the money