Day 15: 8 Pairs Are Up For Possible Eviction This Week, Who Are You Saving?

Big Brother Naija 2018 Week 3 Nominations, 8 Pairs Are Up For Possible Eviction This Week

This week 8 pairs of the Big Brother Naija 2018 housemates are up for possible eviction from the Big Brother house.

Following the live nominations of week 3 that took place on Day 15, the housemates were in the lounge waiting for Biggie to announce the nominated pairs so that head of house Khloe could make her save and replace decision.

However Big Brother decided not to consider the nominations but he rather put all the housemates’ pairs up for possible eviction this week, obviously he excluded K. Brule and Khloe’s pair since Khloe is the head of house and she won her pair immunity when she became Head of House.

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Big Brother did all this as a way of punishing the housemates for not adhering to rules of the Big Brother Naija house.

Biggie however allowed head of house Khloe to save just one pair of the 9 pairs that he had automatically put up for possible eviction, and after a very brief discussion with her game partner K. Brule, Khloe saved Leo and Alex’s pair.

Therefore the pairs up for possible eviction from the Big Brother Naija house this week are;

1. Bitto and Princess

2. Dee-One and Vandora

3. Rico Swavey and Ahneeka

4. Teddy A and Bambam

5. Tobi and Cee-C

6. Angel and Ifu Ennada

7. Lolu and Anto

8. Miracle and Nina

So which pair are you going to vote for?? Please tell us by dropping a comment in one of our comment boxes below.

Kindly read the Voting instructions at the following link: How To Vote

Below are the SMS names for all the pairs up for possible eviction this week.

– Angel and Ifu Ennada —- SMS Name ‘Angelifu

– Bambam and Teddy A —- SMS Name ‘Bamteddy

– Cee-C and Tobi —- SMS Name ‘Cebi

– Lolu and Anto —- SMS Name ‘Loto

– Miracle and Nina —- SMS Name ‘Mina

– Princess and Bitto —- SMS Name ‘Prito

– Rico Swavey and Ahneeka —- SMS Name ‘Rineeka

– Vandora and Dee-One —- SMS Name ‘Van-Dee

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm voting for Teddy A and Bambam

  2. Unknown says:

    Am votting for team BAMTEDDY

  3. ANS says:

    I vote for Tobi

  4. Adel says:

    I vote for Rico Swavey