Angel and Pere Shade Liquorose, Emmanuel and Whitemoney as Boring

Angel and Pere Shade Liquorose, Emmanuel and Whitemoney as Boring

Angel and Pere had a lot to talk about last night in the White Room where they are scheduled to play “The Double Jeopardy” game later on today, after agreeing that Whitemoney is fake, they went on to shade Emmanuel, Liquorose and Whitemoney as boring.

So here’s how that happened;

Angel and Pere had a moment where they imagined what their fellow housemates in the house were doing and they both agreed Emmanuel and Liquorose would be in bed while Cross may likely be on his own or speaking with Whitemoney since Queen had left and Whitemoney may have no one to speak to apart from Cross because he was the life of the house and would carry the show on his back for the time being.

Angel and Pere, The Double Jeopardy game of Big Brother Naija 2021 (Season 6)
Angel and Pere chatting in the White Room last night.

And talking about dragging their fellow housemates through the mud, Saga was also not spared from Angel and Pere’s their lashing as they made jest of the way he left the house.

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Angel had remembered the incident and relayed it to Pere who found it funny, she claimed Saga was so happy to leave the house since Nini had left and it was quite a funny moment knowing the history between the two.

So do you agree with Angel and Pere on the fact that Liquorose, Emmanuel and Whitemoney are boring? Kindly share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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3 Responses

  1. Sbongile Nkambule says:

    ANGEL and Pere they are bored as well that is why they talk with house as whitemoney he is by owning the kitchen since he arrived at bigbrother’s house

  2. ESTERI says:

    My pere was only bored. They just had to talk about something😂🥰🥰🥰😎

  3. Maria Amunyanyo says:

    Pere not bored just thinking that, why he is in the house.

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