Pere agrees with Angel that Whitemoney is Fake

Pere and Angel say Whitemoney is Fake

Pere Egbi agrees with fellow housemate Angel Smith that Whitemoney is fake because he acts too nice in the house.

This Sunday’s live eviction came with a twist that has got us focused on a different part of the House, The White Room.

Due to the twist, Pere and Angel are in the secret White Room but the Housemates in the House do not know this. When situations like this happen, best believe that some spicy tea will be served and boy was it served for our pleasure.

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The White Room as said earlier was where Pere and Angel were taken to for the Double Jeopardy Game. When they were settled in, the two spoke about their experience with thinking they had been evicted.

Pere said immediately his name was called, reality dawned on him that he was going to face the outside world. Angel said her head was clear and she couldn’t wait to get on stage with Ebuka.

Angel and Pere, The Double Jeopardy game of Big Brother Naija 2021 (Season 6)
Angel and Pere inside ‘The White Room’ having a conversation.

Their conversation then veered towards Whitemoney whom Angel believed to be faking his ‘niceness’. She went on explaining to Pere that she finalised her thoughts on Whitemoney when he refused to respond to Pere when they had their scuffle.

Pere immediately agreed with Angel’s assessment of Whitemoney being fake.

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So what do you think about Angel and Pere’s take on Whitemoney being fake? Kindly share your thoughts with us by dropping them in the comments section below.

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21 Responses

  1. suzi Motshwane says:

    I agree with Pere and Angel because i hear Whitemoney tell Cross that he not going to cook anymore.

    • Joy says:

      So if he says he is not cooking this week, that makes him fake? Anyways, if faking is his strategy, i rather vote for this strategy than jealousy,bitterness and hatred.

      • Kinyomi mrs says:

        White money is a kind of person that like to play with everybody in the house. He is very neat and use to take care of the kitchen to look nice .He is a walker holic and all rounder.He is doing it with a plain mind.

    • Tshiamo Selato says:

      Angel and Pere showed Whitemoney that they have plotted against him that is why they hugged others not him

  2. Nwala Oluchi says:

    Pere and Angel is fake because it’s still this Angel casting Wm now that said she don’t like pere while Pere said he will shut Angel because wm said he’s not going to cook again that made him fake
    ba?if Is not wm there is no 90m

  3. Joy says:

    Bad belle people,so you guys don’t want to appreciate the little this Whitemoney did for you. Jealousy and hatred dey bad. REPENT.

  4. Emilia says:

    No wm no 90m.

  5. Bulukazi says:

    Fake or not fake l like whitemoney

  6. Promise says:

    Fake or no fake wm I will always vote for

  7. Thandeka says:

    Whether you like it or not better to be yourself than wearing a sheepskin so you are voted. If being pretentious makes it then we as Africa has a long way to go. 🌍

    • Ndapewa says:

      WM is not fake but he is humbleness

    • Amanda says:

      Whitemoney is a great man the only problem with angel and pere is that they don’t want to see people happy and they have not experienced any kindness in their lives so that is why they are so bitter towards whitemoney jelouse people that thing u have against whitemoney it will give u chest pains I’m telling u.

  8. Nwanali oluchi joy says:

    Whether he is fake or not that’s doesn’t count because no one is perfect let them live the innocent guy joor

  9. Nwanali oluchi joy says:

    Na jealous go kill them… Na them better pass nonsense bittered souls

  10. Ria leggott says:

    Wgitemoney us as fake as you vet. Now in the final week he has changed completely. That new laugh of his is fake. He is a big fake from the start.


      WOW…So Angel and Pere are real…right?
      I don’t get this level of hatred against whitemoney. It is alarming that when someone is very nice in Africa, he or she is being called fake…WOW…Is this how people see life?

  11. Amanda says:

    That is very true oluchi joy

  12. Kinyomi mrs says:

    White money is a kind of person that like to play with everybody in the house. He is very neat and use to take care of the kitchen to look nice .He is a walker holic and all rounder.He is doing it with a plain mind.

  13. Lee Eldos says:

    If people can just sit back and think! A fake person sees a fake person! angel has been fake from day 1! Pretending to be all grow up yet worse than a toddler who throws tantrums every chance she gets. Every second she hear the camera moving to face her, she goes gaga!!! Biggie did her a big favor and evicted Saskay in her place, that got me mad by the way, but i had already forgiven Biggie. Whitemoney has a pure soul and he wil win this season for sure. The woman who will deliver next season may win PERIOD~

  14. Faith says:

    Woow I like angle

  15. Maurice Malone says:

    White money is fake. I remember when Yousef was evicted white money neither hug, care or show any sign of concern to Yousef not to talk of him standing up from the couch as everyone use to. Is that nice? Yousef is the most peaceful housemate among them all. Right from day one white money does not like Yousef. I wonder why?
    What quality does white money shows here.