Day 63: Bassey Evicted From Big Brother Naija 2017

Bassey Evicted From Big Brother Naija 2017

Week 9 Evictions: Bassey is the latest Housemate to be Evicted from the Big Brother Naija house.

On Sunday, March 26, 2017, Bassey has marked the seventh housemate to officially leave the Big Brother Naija house by rule of viewer’s votes after spending there 56 days following the other six housemates, Soma, Miyonse, CocoIce, Gifty, Uriel and ThinTallTony.

Remember housemate, Kemen was disqualified from the show in the wake of being involved in a s*xual infringement movement with fellow housemate, TBoss.

Bassey together with other three housemates, Bally, TBoss and Debbie-Rise were up for possible eviction this weekend but fortunately Bassey secured less votes from the Nigerian voters.

And now six housemates have remained in the race for the 25 million naira grand prize as the finale draws closer.

What will you miss about Bassey? Leave your show offs in the comment box below.

“I tried to keep it cordial.” Bassey discusses attraction with BBNaija host Ebuka

“I’ve got a girlfriend.” Debie-Rise is devastated that Bassey is gone.

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13 Responses

  1. Fredrick Eguabor says:

    Bassey ttt is waiting for u in airport goodbye man,team efe for life

  2. Anonymous says:

    The best has just been evicted. Oh yes, BBN fans will sure miss Bassey. A multi-talented young man.
    I wish him all the best outside the BBN house.
    Oh yes, I smell boredom in the house.

    • Anonymous says:

      No b una teamefe cause am? Dey left bassey cos of a trivial issue and voted for bally, so biko, dont complain, let ur bally entertain u. Bisola is waitin for u all at d finale to show u people hw silly teamin up has spoilt efe's game

  3. Henrietta F. Askie says:

    Bally is the most bore person in that house. He has contributed a thing and trust me, Its gonna be tough. Bassey and Bisola are very strong competitors but they are overlooking it. Efe as Ultimate head of house might make mistake again by nominating those that are no threat to the game but I pray that my Tboss wins it.. Efe pretends to be real but he's a fake person. He pretends to know all and always shutting Hus friends down…

  4. Anonymous says:

    people just stop this bad mouthing and vote for your loved one! HEnrietta what u saying abt Efe u know its not true! Efe was restless the whole week because there was nothing he could do to save Balley. if thats what ur saying, everybody is pretending to be real! Bisola is very talented, she is one of the strongest and EFE has already said it ..u r very jealous if u think efe is not strong, even BAssey admitted that he was the one he wanted to beat because he is fast and calculating..i agree with u, Bally has no game and is not entertaining …hence team EFE supported him…they voted for the one who has less chances of winning to give Efe more chances! do that as well and protect your favourite housemate and stop the nyhwe nhywe nyhwe thing!

    i wish basey kuck and success wherever he goes..hes got it!! TEAM EFE FOR LIFE!!!

  5. DDTO says:

    Efe movement is winning shame!! I doubt if Bisola team has got it because look, we only used WECHAT and still topped!! Bring it on GUYZ…note that we LOVE BISOLA very much! but if you want WAR, so be it!!! BRING IT ON!! Good luck to every team!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    whatever the conspiracy going on between bisola,mervis and effe….against tboss and debie is going on where….true of the matter is effe funs voted bally now that he didnt go home those are already dived votes, we cannot talk of bisola shes not been nominated therefore you will find perhaps she has no funs as it portrays in the house while mervis can only gather a vote if one none in the event his fake husband is not nominated therefore the inlaws saves her but all those 4 gangs those are dived votes in favor of TBOSS and DEBIE RISE. shock on you these two sweet girls are going places watch this space…….

  7. DDTO says:

    two sweet girls??? of them has temper issues and acts like a shebeen queen, Bullying the other housemates!! Efenation is Efe Nation and EFE is winning…Efe comes first to the Efenation, no splitting of votes when he is up incase you have not noticed!! There you go again swearing and swearing bringing bad luck towards TBOSS..some of us being EFE die hard fans voted for TBOSS to stay….I voted 50-50 TBoss and Bally…Anybody who understands how the game works will never say what youve just said….what if Bisola and TTT fans voted for DeBBIERise as well? wont that reduce her votes and what if they voted for TBOSS as well? Just pray that TBOSS becomes HOH, its all you can pray for because the remaining housemates prefer Debbie otherwise she is out as she has been having the second lowest number of votes….that is the reality and the situation as it is right now!

  8. Anonymous says:

    People who complain that TBoss is boring, this big brother show is not about entertaining wisdom or talent, it is about sentiment, TTT is far more talented, Entertaining and clever than your dumb Efe, the only reason Efe is still in the house and TTT is out, is because of Tribal favoritism and chronic sentiment. So all of u shut up

  9. JOHNSON IYABI says:

    Pls tell them the truth, they wont let us be.

  10. Anonymous says:

    HAY BO!! THERE ARE MANY VERSIONS OF TRUTH … In that case, everybody must shut up because that is not a talent show, its a reality show and those housemates are there for various reasons! some are there to push their talents of which TTT really showcased his very well, some are there to make differences in their communities like Efe. He is concerned abt the dire state that his community is in and he presented the situation of his community very well..and yes people want a role model and they will vote depending on their intepretation of REALTY and so far the majority are convinced that Efe and Bisola are more real than the rest….The only truth that has been tested is that TTT was doing well until he LIED and acted unethically or so I will say which disturbed the MASSES! In your Eyes EFE is dumb in our eyes based on his accomplishments (obtaing his ECONOMICS with a distinction) coupled with how he carries himself in the house, we do not care abt his lack of talent but rather on the mindset, the sentiment and the CHARISMA..well call us tribal or what we STANDBY EFE!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    GUYZ lets PUMP them VOTES for MARVIS..we saw how easy going she was last nite after the nominations! just understanding that this is a game and is not immune to NOMINATIONS..other than seeing it as HATRED! Afterall, she is a less treat to EFE compared to anybody in the house..US MARFE fans will always support the 2 but when it comes to the ULTIMATE week, EFE is our FOCUS, support our BRIDE EFENATION! all my votes are for MARVIS this week!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    OW MY GOD…this EFENATION can WRITE BEAUTIFUL ENGLISH!!! Have you noticed ??? WHo is behind EFE??? it seems like there are INTELECTUALS RALLYING BEHIN HIM as well!!!
    Good stuff I a reading here, as Bassey would say!!!

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