Day 63: Official Voting Results For BBNaija Week 9

Voting Results For Big Brother Naija 2017 Week 9

Here are the official voting results for Big Brother Naija 2017 week 9.

The final results reveal that Bally received the highest percentage of votes while Bassey received the least percentage of votes and that’s why he has been evicted from the Big Brother Naija house

Well week 9’s voting results indicate that Bally received the highest percentage of votes with 30.24%, he was followed by Debie-Rise with 26.26%.

TBoss the boss lady came third with 23.71% and lastly Bassey with 19.80%.

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14 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why is big brother bending his own rules against conspiracy.if that is the case all rules shld be non and void.i see big brother frustrating Efe and making bisola or his favorite tboss winning.since our votes don't even count cos how do we even see the votes.its what the organizers want they tell and show the viewers.i have totally lost confidence in this show

    • Anonymous says:

      It's simple, if u r not satisfied, stop watchin d show and stop using ur money to vote! Na by force? Deres stil channel118! At least telemundo wnt cheat u! Mumu

  2. Anonymous says:

    I feel you. I lost it long time ago.bigbrother sabotaged votes long time ago. I don't know why they don't give tboss the tittle than playing with the feelings of this poor kids.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Buggy ooooo do something for2moro nomination cos is only Tboss& Debby rise that would be up for eviction cos the other four housemates are against them already,Bisola and co had already play their nominated plssss biggy let all the him be up for eviction so we the viewer will vote for our favorite

  4. Anonymous says:

    This conspiracy against Tboss and Debbyrise by Bisola,marvis and Bally is not fair at all because they had already planned to nail Tboss and Debbyrise pls Biggy 4 against 2 it not fair oo

  5. Anonymous says:

    Online polls always show TBoss leading with highest number of votes. But when it comes to final results, she is always in third place. So where is the conspiracy for her winning. Instead she is losing……we remain Bossnation all the way.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Lesson learnt frm bigbrother naija, dey all hate demselves! No wond deir leaders too hate dem, and little wonder why dey commit suicide day in day out! Dat tboss gal betab wary of her countrymen, d hate is real and I wonder wat she's done to deserve such! I wish we cld vote for her really! Dat bisola, is dat hw all Nigerian ladies r? Uncultured, lousy and mannerless? I'm sure loose too cos she at least got a dauta outta wedlock, she was on projectfame, if she's so talented why didn't she win? Pls next time u want to air dis ur hateful program just shoot it in ur country and stop allowin us see all u people's stupidity over notin!

  7. DDTO says:

    Thats not true..not all online polls show that! Actually most saw her remaining in the house! I think big brother has tried all he can to save whoever we know but as things look and might be the end of the road for BossLady if she does not win Head of House because honestly speaking, Marvis, Efe and Bisola have a a tight bond…Im not sure abt Bally…I would not be surprised if he nominates Efe, which might put Boss lady in a good position because Efe fans are very loyal and will never support him if he betrays Efe, so there is still a lifeline for TBoss…but Guyz you also talk as if TBoss does not talk badly abt the other housemates, she is not an angel….pls..I am an Efe fan but still voted for her and Bally this week because I wanted less votes for Bassey…this is only a game and, mind your language when campaigning…we all know that she is very sensisitive and loses her temper easily. and that annoys the other housemates..other than that they love her!

  8. DDTO says:


  9. DDTO says:

    Its not all of them but some of them dear!! Also those are not the actual votes, meaning that not all the people who would like to have her kept in the house do the ACTUAL VOTING! however we do get a sense of who is leaving! Just check all the polls and you will see what Im trying to explain! For instance in my case, I swap the two people I would like kept to see their chances of survival plus some of them tell you that you can pick more than 1 peson…they are just predictions!

  10. Ugigi says:

    No doubt Tboss and Debbie will be up for eviction even after the Wednesday save game by the housemates. I pity Debbi Rise in this conspiracy game.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Please leave Tboss alone. This whole damn thing is not about entertainment or Talent, it is about votes which reflects sentiments tribalism and favoritism. If this was about Entertainment and talent, TTT and Bassie would have been in the house and Marvis and EFe kicked out. So stop spewing hatred about TBoss who to some extent has stronger personality than even the most voted for Efe.