BBNaija 2018 Day 24 Live Feed Blog

Big Brother Naija 2018 Live Feed Blog

10:57pm – The housemates are having their last meal of the day

10:45pm – Miracle has began searching for his lost baby everywhere in the house, lets hope his efforts pay off and he gets back the baby….. Mean while Bambam looks so innocent

10:20pm – Anto and Miracle are looking for their lost baby … Well Bambam just kidnapped the baby but Miracle thinks it’s Alex who has kidnapped their baby. Miracle has promised to give Alex his meat if she brings back the baby..

9:18pm – Teddy A’s diary session

9:07pm – Bambam’s diary session

8:49pm – Angels’s diary session

8:35pm – Alex’s diary session

8:21pm – Cee-C’s diary session

8:11pm – Tobi’s diary session

8:01pm – Ifu Ennada’s diary session

7:46pm – Nina’s diary session

7:38pm – Anto’s diary session

7:25pm – Rico Swavey’s diary session

7:17pm – Leo’s diary session

7:05pm – Lolu’s diary session

6:50pm – Ahneeka’s diary session

6:40pm – Miracle’s diary session

3:07pm – Big Brother asks all the housemates to move to the garden until further notice

2:38pm – Head of House Miracle reads a task brief from Biggie to his fellow housemates asking them to entertain and make their babies happy .

2:32pm – Big Brother calls head of house Miracle to the diary room

2:27pm – Ahneeka and Angel are in the kitchen cooking

1:28pm – Tobi, Cee-C, Anto and Rico Swavey dissect society’s perceptions of a man and a woman’s financial position in the relationship. What are your thought?

12:24pm – Tobi and Cee-C join Anto and Rico Swavey’s conversation in the garden

12:14pm – Anto and Rico Swavey’s conversation proceeds with the latter opening up about his mother.

12:09pm – Anto and Rico Swavey are in the garden enjoying a conversation, with the former revealing some information about her parents

12:03pm – Big Brother calls Nina to the diary room

12:00pm – Nina is having her breakfast as she chats to Rico Swavey

11:17am – While gathered in the lounge, some housemates are once again added new babies in this week’s task

11:12am – Biggie asks the housemates to gather in the lounge

11:00am – Housemates are having a meal

7:41am – It’s time for the housemates’ daily morning workout

7:13am – The housemates are ow waking up one by one

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