BBNaija 2018 Day 34 Live Feed Blog

Big Brother Naija 2018 Live Feed Blog

12:39am – Poor guy Tobi is now apologising to Cee-C, lets hope his apology is accepted.

12:32am – Lovebirds Alex and Leo have just kissed passionately in the closet room.

11:59pm – Tobi and Cee-C have an argument, Cee-C says Tobi is a piece of sh!t…

11:57pm – Cee-C and Tobi have a misunderstanding, Tobi is following Cee-C all around.

11:31pm – This week’s Saturday night party is now over, the housemates have left the party zone and are back inside the house.

10:01pm – This weeks Saturday night party is now on.

9:20pm – Bambam and Rico Swavey are in the kitchen washing dishes

8:00pm – Some housemates are ironing their party clothes, the girls are doing their makeup while the others are dressing up

6:28pm – The housemates decorating the party room

6:00pm – The housemates are choosing outfits for tonight’s party

3:06pm – Meanwhile Rico Swavey is in charge of the barbecue

2:50pm – The housemates are in the garden dancing

1:33pm – Anto is giving Teddy A a hairdo

12:58pm – Lolu narrates to Leo, Alex and Tobi what exactly happened as his mother died.

12:47pm – Alex joins Leo, Lolu and Tobi’s conversation in the garden

12:43pm – Ifu Ennada is crying as her paining leg is being massaged

12:38pm – Leo, Tobi and Lolu are in the garden chatting

11:24am – Alex is giving Rico Swavey a free hairdo

11:08am – Angel and Ahneeka have joined hands in having a heavy breakfast

10:45am – Nina and Miracle are doing some laundry

10:17am – The rest of the housemates are now all waking up one by one

10:07am – Miracle and Nina are also awake

10:04am – Cee-C wakes up

7:30am – The housemates are still asleep

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