BBNaija 2018 Day 41 Live Feed Blog

Big Brother Naija 2018 Live Feed Updates

11:32pm – The Saturday night party comes to an end

10:00pm – The Saturday night party with DJ Jimmy Jatt kicks off

9:02pm – Alex is doing her makeup

8:57pm – Miracle and Lolu are inside one of the bedrooms playing Ludo

8:00pm – The housemates preparing for tonight’s party

6:30pm – The housemates are in the party room making decorations ahead of tonight party

6:24pm – PayPorte delivers the housemates’ outfits for today’s Saturday night party, much to the delight of the housemates

5:20pm – Miracle, Cee-C, Lolu and Ifu Ennada are in the bedroom playing board game ‘Ludo’

4:59pm- After Lolu leaves, Tobi gets his chance and joins Anto on her bed for a conversation

4:50pm – Ifu Ennada his in the kitchen doing some cleaning as she dances to Biggie’s music

4:33pm – Lolu and Anto are on their shared bed having a conversation

4:11pm – The housemates are playing a board game called Ludo

3:47pm – Team Blue members have now finished having their meal

2:55pm – Meanwhile in inside the house, Chef Rico Swavey has also served whatever he prepared for the rest of the housemates…

2:34pm – The Blue Team which comprises of Tobi, Ifu Ennada, Leo & Lolu are in the garden to have a 3-course meal as one of the rewards for winning the Heritage Bank Challenge.

2:30pm – Big Brother’s ninja hands over a brief to the Head of House Bambam, in the brief Biggie informs the winning team ‘Blue Team’ in this week’s Heritage Bank Challenge that they should move to the garden and have their 3-course meal.

2:23pm – Big Brother sends one of his ninjas to the house, the housemates then gather in the lounge

1:32pm – Tobi, Alex and Teddy A are in the closet room

1:30pm – Nina joins Ifu Ennada in the bedroom in dancing to Biggie’s music

1:29pm – Ifu Ennada is the bedroom dancing to Biggie’s music

1:25pm – Cee-C has gone back to her bed and she’s sleeping

1:08pm – Miracle is flirting with Nina

1:02pm – Anto and Rico Swavey are in the kitchen peeling irish potatoes

12:44pm – Nina is doing what she does everyday, she’s cleaning house and right now in the lounge

12:34pm – Anto is washing dishes

11:51am – Leo and the other boys are singing the song ‘Sweetest girl’ by Haitian rapper Wyclef Jean in which he featured American superstar rapper Lil Wayne and singer Akon.

11:36am – The housemates are having showers and cleaning up

11:29am – Bambam joins the guys for some workout session inside the bedroom

11:12am – All the other housemates have started waking up

11:07am – Bambam has is also awake

10:59am – Cee-C has woken up

8:00am – The housemates are still in their beds sleeping following a very busy week in which they had a lot of tasks to accomplish.

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