Day 40: Team Blue Wins The Heritage Bank Challenge

Big Brother Naija 2018 Heritage Bank Challenge

Team Blue whose members are Tobi, Ifu Ennada, Lolu and Leo have won The Heritage Bank Challenge.

While gathered in the lounge on tonight, Big Brother finally announced the winning team in the Heritage Bank task that began on day 38 of the show.

Big Brother made it a point to first of all outline the criteria for the assessment in this task, he then announced Team Blue which is made up of four members, Leo, Lolu, Tobi and Ifu Ennada as the winners.

Well just to take you back a little bit, Team Blue came up with an App called the ‘Oct App’ and sent in Tobi to present it during the presentations that took place today. Big Brother then rewarded the entire house with bottles of beer, much to the delight of the housemates.

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This task has been fully sponsored by Heritage Bank and below are all the rewards that the members of Team Blue are going to receive from the bank;

1. A 3-course lunch (this will be given to the winners this Saturday afternoon).

2. Seed capital for business prepositions for each member.

3. Capacity building and access to free business clinics

4. Business mentors to be sourced for each member

5. Free business advisory

6. An all expense paid weekend gate away for two for each member to a luxury hotel in Lagos (this means each member will be allowed to bring one other person of their own choice even if that person is not a housemate).

Well congratulations to Leo, Lolu, Tobi and Ifu Ennada on this victory..

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