BBNaija 2018 Day 54 Live Feed Blog

Big Brother Naija 2018 Live Feed Updates

10:08pm – The housemates have now left the arena and returned to the house.

10:06pm – This week’s Friday night PayPorte arena games have ended with Lolu winning.

8:57pm – The games begin with Tobi Bakre.

8:45pm – The housemates are in the arena for this week’s Friday Night PayPorte arena games.

5:49 – Cee-C is flirting with Tobi

4:08pm – Alex, Tobi and Rico Swavey are having a conversation inside the closet room.

4:05pm – Big Brother tells the housemates to close all the front doors of the house and remain inside until further notice.

3:15pm – Nina is giving Rico Swavey a hairdo inside the closet room.

3:13pm – Bambam and Teddy A are on their bed with Bambam massaging her man’s knee.

3:09pm – Finally the ninja exits the house after taking pictures of every housemate.

3:06pm – The ninja is now moving around the entire house taking pictures of every housemate.

3:04pm – The ninja also takes a picture of Tobi who’s sleeping on a couch in the lounge.

3:03pm – One of Big Brother’s ninja’s quietly enters the house with a digital camera and takes pictures of Cee-C and Miracle who are both in the lounge.

3:00pm – Miracle and Cee-C are still having their conversation in the kitchen.

2:40pm – Tobi is sleeping on a couch in the lounge.

2:27pm – Cee-C and Miracle are in the lounge having a conversation.

2:10pm – Alex is having a conversation with some of the guys in the closet room, she jokes that nobody can beat her inside the Big Brother house.

1:50pm – Rico Swavey and Alex are having a one on one conversation in the kitchen.

1:43pm – Teddy A is having a shower.

12:58pm – The housemates are enjoying Alex’s meal.

12:45pm – Alex is serving the food that she has cooked in the presence of Miracle, Tobi and Lolu are providing some bit of conversation.

12:42pm – Big Brother summons Alex to the diary room.

12:36pm – Big Brother summons Nina to the diary room.

12:28pm – Miracle joins Alex and Tobi who are in the kitchen preparing the housemates’ meal for conversation.

11:33am – Alex is in the kitchen peeling and cutting yam.

11:27am – Tobi and Alex are in the kitchen to prepare the housemates’ lunch meal.

10:56am – Big Brother tells the housemates that the front doors of the house may now be opened, they all then move inside the house.

10:30am – Cee-C, Alex and Tobi are having conversation in the garden while other housemates are just silent.

9:50am – The housemates have woken up and have moved to the garden.

9:58am – Big Brother orders the housemates to move to garden and close the front doors of the house.

9:46am – Alex disturbingly wakes up Miracle and they immediately start up a conversation

9:22am – Nina and Miracle are both sleeping on the lounge couch

9:10am – Majority of the housemates have now slept off

9:02am – Alex is inside the bedroom dancing to Big Brother’s music.

7:10am – The housemates begin waking up

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