BBNaija 2018 Day 58 Live Feed Blog

Big Brother Naija 2018 Live Feed Updates

11:15pm – Big Brother asks the housemates to gather in the lounge.

10:57pm – Rico Swavey’s diary session.

10:47pm – Alex’s diary session.

10:13pm – Cee-C’s diary session.

10:03pm – Miracle’s diary session.

9:51pm – Khloe’s diary session.

9:47pm – Mean while inside the bedroom, Lolu is still begging and pleading with Anto after she discovered that he has a lover outside the house.

9:40pm -Tobi’s diary session.

1:24pm – The task kicks off.

1:22pm – Teddy A and Bambam are cuddling.

11:19am – A fight breaks up between Cee-C and Nina all over a plate of food.

10:20am – Big Brother’s ninjas collect all the seats in the house, we’re still wondering what this ‘adventure’ is about.

9:02am – The housemates have began working on their Mini-mie Noodles task

8:55am – Head of House Tobi reads out a task brief to his fellow housemates who are all gathered in the lounge.

8:46am – Tobi leaves the garden after working out alone, he goes and rests on the couch in the lounge.

8:27am – Mena while is in the garden working out by himself.

8:24am – The other housemates have now began waking up one by one.

8:11am – Apart from Cee-C and Tobi, all the other housemates are still sleeping.

8:07am – Tobi is working out while in the garden.

8:04am – Cee-C leaves the garden and enters the house as soon as she saw Tobi moving to the garden

8:03am – Tobi is doing some little physical exercises inside the house.

7:50am – Tobi is awake and he’s seated in the lounge.

7:30am – Cee-C is quietly seated alone in the garden.

7:05am – Housemates are still sleeping

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