BBNaija 2018 Day 8 Diary Sessions

Big Brother Naija 2018 Day 8 Diary Sessions

The diary sessions for day 8 kicked off a little bit late because the Big Brother Naija 2018 housemates had to take part in the nomination process.

The first housemate to be called to the diary room by Biggie was Rico Swavey and the last housemate was Teddy A, so please take a look at each housemate’s diary session below;

Rico Swavey’s Diary Session
– Biggie asks him how he feels today : He replies saying he feels a bit funny because of the nominations but earlier in the day it was kind of fun because he was strategizing with his partner on how nominate.

– He says he’s surprised that he’s not nominated this week but he doesn’t know how the other weeks will be

– Biggie then asks him if he agrees with Head of House Tobi’s save and replace decision : He says he agrees with HOH Tobi’s save and replace decision because he noticed that this week in the HOH task there was some competition between Tobi & Cee-C’s pair and Teddy A & Bambam’s pair, so probably Tobi sees BamTeddy as a competition

– Biggie asks him if he would have made the same decision as Tobi’s if he was the HOH : Rico says he would have made the same choice if he was HOH

Alex’s Diary Session
– Biggie asks her how she feels today : she says she’s not fine

– Biggie asks her who she nominated and why : Alex says she nominated Ifu Ennada and Angel because, Ifu Ennada is mean and Angel is rigged, he’s too serious some times

– Biggie asks her about the nominations : She says she just nominated and she’s happy she not up for eviction in this first nomination week because it would have affected her self confidence but she feels bad for the nominated pairs.

– Biggie then asks her if she expected not to be nominated : She says she didn’t expect not to be nominated but it is good to be safe

– Biggie then asks her which pairs she expected to be nominated : she says Khloe and K. Brule

– She also wasn’t surprised with Miracle and Nina being nominated because she thinks almost everyone in the house doesn’t like Nina, she actually thought that everyone was going to nominate Miracle and Nina

– Biggie then asks her which nominations surprised her : she was surprised that Anto and Lolu were nominated

– Biggie then asks her if she would have made the same decision like Tobi if she was the HOH : she says she would have made the same save and replace decision however she was only surprised that Tobi made his decision so fast with pleasure

Princess’ Diary Session
– Biggie asks her how she feels today : she says she kind of feels bad but she saw her pair’s nomination coming

– Biggie asks her why she thinks her pair was nominated – she says her pair is made up of 2 strong strong people,

– Biggie asks her who she would say goodbye to if she had the power to evict one pair : she says she would say goodbye to Khloe and K. Brule just because she can’t deal with the female partner (Khloe)

– Biggie asks her who she would have saved if she was the HOH : she says she would have saved Anto because she’s an amazing person, and that there’re some friendships she wants to keep even after BBNaija with Anto being one of those

– Biggie then asks her who she thinks nominated her pair : she says Cee-C and Tobi, Khloe and K. Brule. Princess says of course she knows very well that Cee-C can’t stand her but she doesn’t know why but she just noticed it recently even though they were friends in the beginning

Cee-C’s Diary Session
– she says feels really good and excited

– Cee-C says she nominated Princess because she doesn’t respect people’s space

– Biggie asks why she nominated Lolu and Anto, she says it was just strategic because they have the potential to be strong competition

– Biggie ask her which nomination surprised her : she was surprised with Khloe & K. Brule being nominated

– Biggie then asks her who she hopes the public will save : she says Bambam & Teddy A

– Biggie asks her what she think about Tobi’s save & replace decision : she says the HOH might have had his decision to swap Bambam & Teddy A but she likes them

– Biggie asks her who she would have saved if she was the HoH : she says Miracle and Nina

– Biggie asks her who she would have replaced if she was HoH : she says Leo & Alex because she thinks Leo has the potential of being a competition and Alex doesn’t know how to respect people’s space

Vandora’s Diary Session
– She says feeling good today

– She expected her pair to evade this week because her and her partner have the vibe and made the people laugh, they’re not more reserved

– she was surprised with PRITO being nominated, first of all she didn’t expect five pairs to be nominated, she thought it would be just 2 pairs and she

– she thinks the nominations won’t divide the house at all, she says there’s even more vibe in the house now and people are laughing

– What she thinks about Tobi’s save and replace: she thinks he made the right choice and it made the space a little bit tight. she says she would have made the same choice if she was HOH

Ahneeka’s Diary Session
– she feels better and fine

– she nominated MINA and PRITO

– she was surprised that Team Loti were nominated

– she was also surprised about the save and replace and it has created a crazy tension in the house now

– she hopes the public saves Team Loto

– in Tobi’s shoes, she would have made the same decision because TeddyBAm is coming for Tobi’s pair

Angel’s Diary Session
– he feels a bit emotional since yesterday for different reasons and being nominated has just escalated it

– He who thinks nominated him: Khloe, Ahneeka, Leo

– Who he hopes the public saves – Bamteddy, PRITO

– who he hopes leaves

– he would save PRITO and replace them with Tobi and Cee-C if he was HOH because PRITO are so active in the community and contribute a lot in the kitchen where as Tobi and Cee-C don’t contribute much to the big brother house community, the little they contribute is all because Tobi is HOH

Leo’s Diary Session
– he feels kind of lucky or priveledged but he’s very much on his game

– he’s not very sure why his paired skipped because nominated but he was shocked that they didn’t get nominated

– he nominated PRITO

– he says the nominations are gonna affect the house because the people that have been nominated have already created their clan and those that haven’t been nominated have created their clan too

– he was quite surprised HOH didn’t replace Alex and Leo but he wasn’t surprised with the save decision because he would also have saved MINA

Dee-One’s Diary Session
– he’s feeling good and it was good to know that despite the fact that he crack jokes and makes people laugh people

– why he thinks his pair wasn’t nominated: he thinks he’s the liveliest person in the house and Vandora is cool with everyone

– which nomination surprised him most: he was quite surprised with Tobi’s replace decision because Tobi and Teddy A jim together.

– he says relationships in the house are getting sour

Ifu Ennada’s Diary Session
– how she feels: she happy and excited

– who she thinks nominated her pair: tobi, mina, rico, leo, khloe

– which pair she hopes the public saves: Princess and Bitto, Loto

– which pair she would say goodbye to if she had the power: KSquare

Miracle’s Diary Session
– how he feels: right now he feels very happy but he had already seen the nomination coming because he knows that most ladies in the house don’t like his partner Nina

– he doesn’t know why HOH saved his pair

– he was surprised with Bitto

– what pair he hopes will actually get evicted this week: KSquare

Bambam’s Diary Session
– how she feels: she says she has some mixed feelings but she’s upset, worried and at the same time happy

– Tobi probably replace her pair because he thought they were his competition but definately them as a pair were upset but it’s okay because she also nominated other housemates

Tobi’s Diary Session
– how he’s feeling: he’s excited about winning the HOH title and being safe for another week in the week because he would a target for people if he wasn’t head of house

– what nominations surprised him: only Loto because he thinks they’re kind of invisible but he wasn’t surprised with the rest

– how he thinks his relationship with BamTeddy is going to be affected: he says Teddy A has already shown it to him that it’s like a battle line and with Bambam, things just got worse because they weren’t cool even before today.

– Tobi says heis decision to replace BamTeddy is nothing personal but he sees them as a competition

Anto’s Diary Session
– how she’s feeling today: she’s kind of disappointed today and a little bit surprised

– why she’s disappointed: she didn’t think that anyone would nominate her and Lolu

– how she and Lolu plan to spend

– not surprised with KSquare being nominated but she’s surprised with HOH replace decision but she understands his decision because he thought they’re competition

– she thinks she wouldn’t have saved MINa if she was HOH, she would instead have saved PRITO because she’s pretty cool with both of them

Bitto’s Diary Session
– how he’s feeling today: he says he’s feeling relaxed today despite the nominations

– if he was HOH: he would have made the same decision as Tobi

Nina’s Diary Session
– how she’s feeling today: she feels happy and at the same time surprised

– she was surprised that she was saved but she knew she would nominated because every one in the house is after her and Miracle

– she really doesn’t know why Tobi saved them becuse

-she was surprised with Anto and Lolu’s nomination because Anto is calm

– who she thinks nominated her pair: princess, lolu, Bitto, Teddy A and that her instincts do lie some times and that she’s not gonna trust anyone in the house, she gonna up her game

– if she had the power to get one pair from house, who would it be: Princess because she’s jealous whenever she’s with Miracle

K. Brule’s Diary Session
– how he’s feeling today: With regards to his health, he’s getting better

– Nominations: He says he’s incredibly disappointed today and it’s really messed up, he feels betrayed. He doesn’t know if he caused the nomination or it’s his fault

– who he thinks nominated his pair: dee-one, Ifu

– he syas the mood in the house is already cracked up but people are pretending not to be thinking about nominations

– why he thinks his pair was nominated: he thinks because Khloe has had a fights with other people

– Was he surprised by Tobi’s decisions: he says yes

– What he would have done if he was HOH: he would have saved Angel & Ifu and nominated Vandora because Angel has better things to do with the money, he has a film project and he’s been sourcing for money to fund it so he would save his pair, mean while he doesn’t know Vandora’s pair’s plan on how to use the money if they won it, so he would have replaced them

Lolu’s Diary Session
– how he’s feeling today: he says he’s calm, he’s a bit surprised and it’s just interesting the way things have come out today

– If he was surprised to be nominated: he says he was surprised

– Who he thinks nominated his pair: one of Cee-C & Tobi and BamTeddy and may be Leo and Alex

Khloe’s Diary Session
– How she’s feeling today: she’s feeling good but she was expecting to be nominated because she knows a lot of people don’t like her

– Which nominations surprised her apart from her pair: Lolu & Anto

– Who she thinks nominated her pair: PRITO, BamTeddy, MINA,

– How she thinks the nominations are going to affect things in the house:

– If she thinks HOH decision was fair: she thinks it was fair because Tobi doesn’t see MINA as a threat and see’s BamTeddy as a threat because actually everyone in the house sees BamTeddy as a threat

Teddy A’s Diary Session
– how he feels today: he feels indifferent

– Biggie asks how: he says his day started off very well, he was enjoying his music and then somebody decided to nominate him

– Biggie asks him who this somebody may be: he says its the HOH and that he totally understands it because he’s probably the strongest competition in the house

– How he thinks todays nomination will affect the relationships in the house: he says there’s a division in the house

– If he had been HOH today and had to make the same decision that Tobi made: he says he would definately do the same thing Tobi did but he would not save MINA, he says it’s better to first weed out the weak links then take take on the strong competitors later so he would save Angel & Ifu Ennada. He says they need folks that are creative in the house.

– he says he wouldn’t keep people in the house that don’t need to be in the house, he says he would take out weak links and keep the big dawgs in the house because that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

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