Week 2: Housemates Agree To Wager 50%

Housemates Agree To Wager 50% In Big Brother Naija 2018 Week 2

Following their disappointing performance last week as they attempted to win their wager, the Big Brother Naija 2018 housemates have now set a target of nailing this week’s wager.

As a reminder, last week the housemates decided to wager 75% but ended up losing their wager after failing to impress Biggie with the way they performed in all the tasks.

Biggie was also disappointed with the way housemates had prepared for Thursday night’s task presentation leaving him with no option but to let them know of his disappointment.

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Well this week the housemates are at it again and are bidding to win their first wager since they entered the house, they have decided to downgrade a little bit and wager just 50%.

All this happened yesterday when Biggie summoned Head of House Tobi to the diary room and gave him this week’s theme and also asked him to discuss with his fellows on how much they want to wager this week.

Well Tobi did as he was instructed by Biggie, he gathered all his fellow housemates in the lounge and read them this week’s theme which is “Be Humble and Learn“.

The Head of House then went a head to ask the housemates how much they wanted to wager this week, the housemates had different views on how much exactly they should wager but they decided to take it to a vote by raising hands.

Well in the end, majority of them were in favour of a 50% wager putting into consideration that they had actually failed to pull it off the previous week when they waged a higher 75%.

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Tobi then went back to the diary room to inform Biggie of the housemates’ decision, and as soon as he revealed to Biggie that the housemates had decided to wager 50% this week, Biggie replied “50% hmmmm, Interesting”, which was kind of funny to hear from Biggie.

Biggie then asked Tobi to leave the diary room, so do you think the housemates will finally pull it off this week and win their wager given the fact that they’ve even decided to wager a lot less than they waged last week?

Please let us know what you think by dropping off a comment in one of our comment boxes below.

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