BBNaija 2019 Day 11: Housemates Lose Their Week 2 Wager

Big Brother Naija 2019 Week 2 Task Presentation

The Big Brother Naija 2019 housemates have lost their wager for week 2.

Tonight Big Brother ordered this lazy group of housemates to move to the arena for their very first Thursday task presentation.

The housemates had prepared a play to act and we must admit it was fun to watch though not the best that these housemates could provide.

The housemates also had prepared a song to sing for Big Brother and the viewers, well the housemates went into acting mode and presented whatever they had prepared.

And after they were done with the presentation but before Big Brother gave his judging on the housemates’ task presentation, he asked each one of them to give their opinion on the housemates’ presentation tonight.

Each housemate had to step forward and give his or her judging, well all the housemates had nothing but praise and positive remarks on the housemates’ performance tonight.

But to be honest, the housemates’ task presentation was not satisfying as Big Brother let them know.

Big Brother also informed the housemates that for them to win their wager, he had to also consider their performance in all the tasks that they’ve taken part in since the week began.

Big Brother then spoke about the housemates’ failure to follow simple house rules like not disclosing their diary session conversations to fellow housemates, the big man also found these lazy housemates guilty of not following the rules in the Freezing task.

Tonight Big Brother also spoke about some housemates disregarding the language rule by speaking languages such as Hausa and Igbo inside the house yet some housemates don’t understand such languages, with this, Jeff, Sir Dee, Thelma and Diane received a stern warning from Big Brother.

Big Brother then made his judgement on the housemates’ wager as he boldly informed them that they have lost their wager this week.

Do you think the housemates deserved to lose their wager? Please share your views with us by making use of our comment box below.

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