BBNaija Day 13 Live Feed Blog

Big Brother Naija 2018 Live Feed Blog

11:58pm – This week’s Saturday night party ends

10:00pm – The Saturday night party kicks off with the housemates looking absolutely stunning.

8:30pm – Housemates are dressing up and preparing themselves for tonight’s party

2:45pm – After they had a fall out last night, Ahneeka and Teddy A finally sit down in the garden and have a conversation

1:42pm – Big Brother finally rewards Angel for winning last night’s PayPorte arena games..

1:15pm – Angel is playing the guitar for the ladies in the garden

10:10am – Bitto and Ifu Ennada are in the kitchen doing house work, Bitto is cleaning the floor and arranging items while Ifu Ennada is washing utensils as the other housemates are sleeping.

9:35am – Housemates begin waking up one by one..

8:30am – The housemates are still sleeping following a very tiresome day yesterday and in fact they went to bed a bit late.

Good morning to you all and welcome to day 13 of Big Brother Naija 2018, you can follow our live blog feed on this very page for all the latest happenings in the house.

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