Ahneeka blasts Teddy A saying he doesn’t respect women

Ahneeka blasts Teddy A saying he doesn't respect women

Ahneeka who has been quite most of the times since Big Brother Naija 2018 kicked off has finally shown a glimpse of her true self after she went all ballistic on Teddy A.

All this happened just a few minutes after this week’s Friday night PayPorte arena games had been completed, Teddy A told Ahneeka not to be silly and Ahneeka interpreted it like Teddy A told her she’s silly.

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It was then that Ahneeka got really angry and blasted Teddy A, she went on to say that he has no respect for women at all. Ahneeka told Teddy A that he’s f**k!ng stup!d.

She was all flames jumping around the house like a headless chicken throwing tantrums in all directions, big Bitto tried to offer his help by trying to calm her down but she was uncontrollable.

Finally her temper cooled down and she went to sit down next to Angel who offered her his support and calmed her down, Angel told Ahneeka that whatever Teddy A said was his own opinion.

Leo also came around to Ahneeka and told her that Teddy A didn’t abuse her, Leo was of the view that all Teddy A said was “don’t be silly” meaning he didn’t directly say that Ahneeka is stupid.

At the moment Ahneeka wasn’t buying any of Leo’s words and she kept on saying Teddy A had insulted her, Leo then decided to leave.

Poor girl Ahneeka kept on ranting as she sat next to Angel even going as far as repeating what she had earlier said that Teddy A doesn’t respect women at all and that she had observed him since they all stepped into Biggie’s house.

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Ahneeka also said that she had observed the way Teddy A speaks to Bambam sometimes and it was all disrespectful.

So do you really think Teddy A is disrespectful towards the women???

Please let us know what you think by dropping your comment in one of our comment boxes below.

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2 Responses

  1. South Africa says:

    I think He can be so into himself, Bam Bam wont see that because she is inlove. She's cute though

  2. Noty says:

    Can someone please tell Khloe that a bra is worn where you think you have nice breasts. What I saw yesterday was not a nice picture.

    Even kids who are as young as 15 years old when they develop breasts are being told to wear bras.

    She must respect herself. Her body is the temple of God not a show of. If guys show interest in a girl it will be because you conduct yourself in a good way not because you are revealing your …….