BBNaija Day 19 Live Feed Blog

Big Brother Naija 2018 Live Feed Blog

11:38pm – Big Brother gifts all the housemates that successfully executed their secret tasks

11:37pm – Biggie gives his judgement on Khloe and Lolu’s secret tasks, he says Khloe passed and Lolu failed. Biggie also says Leo, Ahneeka, K. Brule and Vandora are the only housemates that came close to figuring out what Khloe and Lolu’s tasks were.

11:35pm – Biggie asks Lolu and Khloe to reveal to the housemates their secret tasks and how they executed them.

11:32pm – Big Brother asks all the housemates to gather in the lounge immediately

11:02pm – A disappointed Biggie dismisses all the housemates from the arena… Seems the housemates didn’t bring their A game tonight.

9:10pm – Housemates are in the arena for this week’s Friday night PayPorte arena games

6:12pm – Today’s diary sessions begin with Angel..

1:13pm – Biggie rewards the housemates with food and drinks for winning their week this week.. And we all know how much these housemates love food.

1:00pm – Big Brother asks all the housemates to gather in the living room

10:15am – While having breakfast, Tobi tells Cee-c he once broke up with a girl for eating all his chicken. He says she had asked for small small but when turned she had eaten the whole thing, the love was finished there and then.

9:40am – Leo is cleaning the bedroom while Anto briefly works on Princess’ hair

9:16am – It’s time for breakfast in the Big Brother house and some housemates are already chopping

8:52am – Housemates have received fresh towels after their morning work out session courtesy of PayPorte

8:48am – Housemates are done with their morning workout, they’ve now left the arena and entered the house..

8:10am – The housemates are in the arena doing their morning workout

7:15am – Housemates are already waking up one by one..

Good morning to y’all and welcome to Day 19 of Big Brother Naija Season 3, this is the Live Feed Blog of Day 19 and you can follow it for all the latest updates.

Please share with us your favourite moments of yesterday..

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