Housemates Embarrassed During Week 3 Friday Night PayPorte Arena Games

Big Brother Naija 2018 Housemates Embarrassed During Week 3 Friday Night PayPorte Arena Games

Our Big Brother Nigeria 2018 housemates once again tested defeat by failing in a very embarrassing way as they all couldn’t complete a very simple puzzle.

For this week’s Friday night PayPorte arena games, last night Big Brother tasked these lazy housemates with completing a four levelled puzzle challenge made up of pyramid forming circles, colour coordinated balls and angular objects to be used to form a square.

But before the games kicked off, Big Brother had a few things to clear up as he disqualified Teddy A & Bambam and Rico Swavey & Ahneeka from participating in the arena games because they insisted and wore their orange T-Shirts to the arena even when Biggie had earlier on asked all the housemates to wear other clothes.

Biggie then awarded ten minutes to every participating pair with Dee-One and Vandora being the first to play the night’s games. They successfully solved three puzzles but failed to complete the last puzzle before their ten minutes elapsed thereby forfeiting their chances of winning this week’s arena games.

Up next was Angel and Ifu Ennada, our housemates seemed to be on the losing tip as Angelifu also failed to complete their puzzles.

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Princess and Bitto were next to play the games but they were served a big fat L as they also failed to beat the clock. And as if this wasn’t enough, Biggie also disqualified them and declared their progress null and void for not following the rules of the games.

K. Brule and Khloe were the next pair to participate in the games and they also seriously battled with the fourth puzzle.

Miracle and Nina were next to take on the challenge but were no different, they too collected their piece of the L cake after failing to complete the fourth puzzle. It seems like the only puzzle these two can solve is the one in the image below.

Nina Ivy and Miracle On Their Bed
It seems like this is the only puzzle Miracle and Nina can solve

Cee-C and Lolu were next to play but they also joined the losers and at this moment it seemed like the housemates needed a ‘let’s learn our shapes’ camp.

Anto and Tobi were also no different when they stood up to take on the challenge, they too were close but not close enough.

Alex and Leo came last but they too failed to complete the puzzle, after which a disappointed Biggie dismissed all the housemates from the arena. Seems likes the housemates didn’t bring their A game last night.

And after they all got back inside the house, Big Brother sent his ninja who brought a sheet of paper with a picture of how the puzzle should have been complete.

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