Meet “Igwe” CocoIce’s New Bodyguard This Week

Bassey Becomes Head of House CoCoIce's Bodyguard

This week the Head of House is to be referred to as “Igwe”, and that’s none other than the beautiful CocoIce.

Well given the fact that Biggie gave her supreme power over all the other housemates this week, HOH CocoIce is wasting no time in putting her power into action.

Being the “Igwe” of the house this week, CocoIce obviously needs to be guarded and for that, she appointed Bassey as her personal bodyguard and made him to wear a bra for the rest of the day.

For this, Igwe instructed Bisola to assist Bassey in putting on the bra and with pleasure, Bisola enjoyed putting into action Igwe’s order.

It was really fun seeing Bassey put on the bra being assisted by Bisola but he couldn’t refuse as it was an order from the Igwe.

Let’s hope Bassey executes his duties as the Igwe’s bodyguard efficiently..

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