Big Brother Naija 2019 Week 2 Nominations Results

Big Brother Naija 2019 Week 2 Nominations

The Big Brother Naija 2019 nominations for week 2 finally took place this evening.

Remember last week there were no nominations as Big Brother gave the housemates a free week of no nominations.

Today the very first live nominations of season 4 took place and below is how all the housemates nominated;

  • Seyi Nominated Ella and Tuoyo
  • Mercy Nominated Ella and Frodd
  • Frodd Nominated Tacha and Ella
  • Thelma Nominated Frodd and Tacha
  • Omashola Nominated Sir Dee and Tacha
  • Tacha Nominated Frodd and Sir Dee
  • Nelson Nominated Ella and Gedoni
  • Khafi Nominated Kimoprah and Frodd
  • Tuoyo Nominated Ella and Seyi
  • Ella Nominated Kimoprah and Tacha
  • Mike Nominated Ella and Tacha
  • Esther Nominated Ike and Tacha
  • Ike Nominated Jeff and Diane
  • Kimoprah Nominated Tacha and Jackye
  • Sir Dee Nominated Ella and Ike
  • Jackye Nominated Jeff and Sir Dee
  • Gedoni Nominated Tuoyo and Mercy
  • Diane Nominated Kimoprah and Tacha
  • Jeff Nominated Frodd and Esther

Now that you’ve seen how all the housemates nominated, please tell us which nomination really surprised you.

Please Note: Nelson was not nominated at all because he is this week’s Head of House which automatically makes him immune to nominations.

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5 Responses

  1. Brenda says:

    # BBNaija team Tacha all the way I like you girl u are the best.

  2. MP Heveleni says:

    Is a game to me no Surprise in nomination I hope KimOprah will survive the eviction

  3. Prissy.V says:

    I hope kimoprah doesn’t get evicted.😢

  4. NYING says:

    Tacha has to go home.

  5. gabisile says:

    I voe for Sir Dee My G…..Yeh!!!

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