Big Brother Naija 2021 week 5 nominations

Big Brother Naija 2021 'Season 6' Week 5 Nominations

The much anticipated Big Brother Naija 2021 ‘Season 6’ week 5 nominations have taken place tonight.

This week’s nomination exercise kicked off with Queen being the first housemate to be summoned into the diary room to make her nominations, below is how all the housemates have nominated today.

  • Queen nominated Pere and Peace
  • Michael nominated Angel and JMK
  • Cross nominated Pere and Sammie
  • Liquorose nominated Cross and Peace
  • Jaypaul nominated Pere and Maria
  • Emmanuel nominated Peace and Pere
  • Tega nominated Saga and Peace
  • Nini nominated Sammie and JMK
  • Saskay nominated Boma and Pere
  • Boma nominated JMK and Pere
  • Saga nominated Sammie and Queen
  • Whitemoney nominated Pere and Peace
  • Angel nominated Queen and Michael
  • Yousef nominated Jaypaul and Queen
  • Peace nominated Queen and Emmanuel
  • Sammie nominated Pere and Maria
  • Jackie B nominated Pere and Angel
  • Pere nominated Michael and Jaypaul
  • JMK nominated Pere and Maria
  • Maria nominated Queen and Whitemoney

Below is a summary of the amount of nominations received by each housemate;

HousemateNumber of Nominations
Jackie B0

NOTE: Tega, Yousef, Nini, Jackie B and Saskay were not nominated at all or rather they received zero nominations.

After all the housemates had finished making their nominations, Biggie announced the following names as the housemates who had been nominated; Pere, Queen, Peace, Sammie, JMK and Maria.

Biggie then asked this week’s Head of House, Liquorose to use her Veto Power and save one of the nominated housemates and replace him/her with another housemate who had not been nominated.

Liquorose saved Peace and replaced her with Cross, this means the nominated housemates this week are;

  • Pere
  • Queen
  • Sammie
  • JMK
  • Maria
  • Cross

And with that being said, what do you have to say about this week’s nominations? Please share your thoughts with us by dropping them in our comment section below.

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14 Responses

  1. WHENDI says:

    Pere deserves to go. Fair voting

  2. Carol Ngosa Mfwaisha says:

    Cross cross cross cross

  3. Kabsetion says:

    Cross cross cross cross cross

  4. Allysious says:

    Fair voting Pere must go

  5. Juliet says:

    I’m voting for cross and Queen

  6. Acayo says:

    saving Maria

  7. Agbi susan says:

    Saving Queen, pls BB when are we voting for d General overall winner

  8. Sarah Nosakhare says:

    I am saving sammie

  9. Henry daibo says:

    Good morning trying to register online and I cannot find the page

  10. Mohamed Kanneh says:

    White Money For The Money

  11. Daniel says:

    Cross cross cross

  12. Emmanuel says:

    White money

  13. Emmanuel says:

    Boma need to go home ASAP

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