Biggie issues K. Brule and Khloe with strikes

Big Brother Issues K. Brule And Khloe With Strikes

Big Brother has issued season 3 housemates K. Brule and his game partner Khoe with a strike each.

This comes after K. Brule’s behaviour last night after the first Saturday night party of the season whereby he broke one of the rules that govern the Big Brother house.

Acting under the influence of alcohol following the night party, K. Brule threw himself from the balcony to the ground injuring his leg in the process.

And according to the rules of the Big Brother house, any form of violence is not tolerated even if it is self-inflicted violence as is the case with K. Brule.

Therefore K. Brule’s actions were enough to get him his first strike (warning) of the season from the boss ‘Biggie’.

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And since Khloe is K. Brule’s partner in the Big Brother game for the entire season, she also automatically qualified for a strike as well.

So lets explain how Khloe also qualified for a strike, this week the housemates formed pairs. Biggie then explained to them that whatever happens to one member of a pair, will automatically happen to the other member of the pair.

For example if one member of a pair is nominated to face possible eviction from the house, then the other member of the pair automatically gets nominated to face possible eviction from the house.

By the way you should remember that when a housemate receives 3 strikes in the Big Brother house, he or she is automatically disqualified from the game and therefore he or she is immediately ejected from the house.

Therefore if K. Brule and Khloe receive two more strikes, they’ll be disqualified from the Big Brother Naija house.

Biggie also gave the pair an immediate punishment and that was not taking part in the Head of House qualifier challenge.

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In fact Biggie asked both K. Brule and Khloe to go to the arena and cheer up the other housemates who were going to take part in the Head of House qualifier challenge even though they weren’t going to participate.

Drama queen Khloe seemed not to be happy about all this situation of receiving a strike but she just couldn’t do anything about it.

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