BBNaija 2018 Day 8 Live Feed Blog

Big Brother Naija 2018 Live Feed Blog

10:20pm – Day 8 diary sessions end with Teddy A

8:50pm – The daily diary sessions kick off with Rico Swavey

7:35pm – Housemates leave the garden and enter inside the house after week 2 nominations have been closed

7:30pm – Biggie announces the nominated pairs for this week after Head of House Tobi does his save and replace decision.

7:00pm – The first live nominations of Big Brother Naija 2018 kick off with Bitto being called to the diary room to nominate two pairs on his pair behalf

6:55pm – Biggie instructs all the housemates to move to the garden in preparation for their first live nominations

6:45pm – Biggie announces to the housemates that Live Nominations will begin in 15 minutes..

3:32pm – Head of house Tobi gather his fellow housemates and reads this week’s nomination brief to them

3:25pm – Biggie summons head of house Tobi to the diary room and gives him a nomination brief to read to his fellow housemates

3:12pm – As the housemates leave the arena after the head of house task is finished, Alex complains that Tobi cheated.

3:10pm – Tobi wins the Head of House task making it two times since the show kicked off, Congratulations Tobi

3:01pm – Tobi, Teddy A, Cee-C and Bambam compete against each other in the head of house task

2:45pm – Biggie instructs all the housemates to move to to the arena for the final round of this week’s head of house task

1:50pm – The housemates quickly share and eat their lunch.

1:00pm – Some housemates are in the kitchen area preparing lunch while some others like Anto and Lolu are chatting, the others are dancing to Biggie’s music

12:45pm – Tobi heads back to the diary room and informs Biggie of the housemates’ decision to wager just 50% this week.

12:35pm – Tobi reads out the brief to his fellows in the lounge and they all agree to wager 50% this week

12:30pm – Biggie summons Head of House Tobi to the diary room and gives him a brief to read out to his fellow housemates, the brief contains this week’s theme and wager details

11:15am – Teddy A and Bambam are having a conversation, he then asks her to shave off the hairs on her legs but she declines.

10:45am – Cee-C has been preaching to Tobi, she’s speaking to him about who she wants to be in the house. The pair also speak about their relation, we’re just wondering if she’s still upset about last night.

9:40am – Ahneeka and Rico Swavey are discussing game strategies.

9:20am – Mean while some housemates like Anto and K. Brule have gone back to their beds to sleep

9:10am – Housemates are now having their breakfast.

8:48am – Housemates are now done with their morning work out and have left the arena, they’ve now moved back to the house.

8:00am – The housemates have been ordered by Biggie to once again make their way to the arena for their morning work out.

7:50am – Biggie has instead ordered all the housemates to leave the arena without doing their morning work out and get back inside the house.

7:45am – All the housemates have woken up and they have now moved to the arena for their daily morning work out session.

7:15am – Teddy A, Tobi and Angel have also woken up and are in the garden doing a few body exercises
6:20am – All the other housemates are still sleeping while muscle man Bitto is already in the garden chilling while sipping on his water.

Good morning to you all Big Brother Naija fans and welcome to Day 8 of the game, this is a Live Feed Blog where we’ll be updating you Live Updates on whatever takes place in house.

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