Agree Or Disagree? Here Are The Characters Of Your Favourite BBNaija 2017 Housemates So Far

Characters Of Big Brother Naija 2017 Housemates

Day 41: After spending (41 Days) in the Big Brother Naija House, Housemates have typically exposed their characters both to the viewers and their fellow inmates………… Okay! Below is my analysis on the housemates so far…

Efe – Cool, Calm, lively and very interesting fellow, almost everything he says cracks you up.

ThinTallTony – Flows very well,……very lively…….controls the convos in the house though a little bit hypocrite (Predenter). Oops! Maybe he’s a brother to ‘Judas Iscariot’

Marvis – Lively, has crazy tendencies, fun to watch though still in check.

Bisola – Too loud, tries too much , trying to for Funke Akindele and Falz combined.

Uriel – A little bit too dramatic , nothing special. Indeed a local girl forming posh, very fake(for now), thinks she is a gift to men and believes in using her sexuality to get her way…

Bassey – Cool guy, flows well and lively…Though a little bit ‘Ajebutter’ (a spoilt kid….), Chief ‘Messer’, Playful, Maybe he’s destructed by the presence of ladies around him.

TBoss – Not in her element yet, think she is a bit overwhelmed by the house and other housemates, but I see her as a no nonsense lady, over time her fun side will come out.

Bally – Eye candy, very matured and reserved, his real self is not fully out. Anyway Bally seems to be very aggressive when he is involved in an argument. I think he has a very short fused….!!

Debie-Rise – She has this matured air around her, engages well in conversations though she’s sometimes thrown out of the truck by Bally who seems to be very aggressive when he is involved in an argument. I am sure she has a wild side to her, but that side is still in check.

Kemen – Feels his selling point is his abs….nothing special , just there , trying to be the go-to guy for the ladies.

So that’s my take, What’s yours? Agree or disagree? Keep it here for more Fan and Drama from Biggie’s house.

Editor’s Opinion.

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7 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Efe is natural, bisola is a slot, ttt is a pretender,bally is cool,bassey is confused, Debby rise is so low,kemen the wide mouth,Marcus I reserve my comment, tboss a tigress and too bossy.

    • Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous will you just shut up for once if you have nothing to say? Watch the game not everyone can play the game and not everyone should say trash as well, what has tboss done to you or anyone ? Keep quiet and keep watching or back-out @biggi I agree with you but yourself you too get wahala, you nor dey sleep at all? Biggy flash me make I call you for more info on your housemate wey you nor know. I know some of them personally. Osasmiami. Peace out

  2. Tigress wood says:

    Uriel real n dramatic, Efe calm n warris, Bassey natural n cool, bisola loud n aggressive, marvis n debbyrise Tom boyish, controversial , kemen lover boy, Ttt backstabber n adultrous being, balley yoo man d character finish madam Tboss d substitute all guys get to finger.

    • Anonymous says:

      Tboss very arrogant with an irratating behaviour.She sees herself as a "Duchess" in the house,meanwhile she is a nobody.

    • Anonymous says:

      U are a nobody! U reck of jealousy, and u 2 sound like pervs for callin tboss d woman all guys get to finger. Mad lot roamin everywhr, I wnt b surprise if u people r d useless teamefe, all u do is demean other hms, like efe was sent frm heaven. Just wait till day 78 and watch bis-bis take d money home, u think biggie wld b daft enuf to give local champions and insult freaks d satisfaction of 'we told u so' ask tayo faniran

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    Tboss is too old to be in that house gosh